458th Bombardment Group (H)

Combat Crews

In the 458th Bombardment Group numbers for the original crews were assigned during Combat Training Phase III in Tonopah, Nevada.  The 752nd BS had crews 1-18; the 753rd BS had crews 20-37; the 754th BS, 40-56; and the 755th BS, 60-76. These crews were generally known by their crew number during training and it remained this way when they arrived at Horsham St Faith.  This is not to say that they did not also refer to themselves as “Smith’s Crew”, or “The Andrew Crew”, going by the last name of their pilot.

When new crews came into the group, a unique reference was listed on the orders that assigned them, but this (as far as the 458th was concerned) was never used to identify a crew.  The last name of the pilot was generally the way a crew was identified and referred to in the 458th.  This could get confusing, as in the group there were sometimes pilots who had the same surname.

The information in the Crew Table on each crew page was taken from the last instance in which the individual’s name appears in the 458th records. Some individuals have numerous entries, while some only have one or two.

Names here are for Pilots who flew as Airplane Commander ONLY.

Please see the Personnel List of personnel if the person you are looking for was not a pilot in command of a crew.


(ORIG) – Original Crew, trained in Tonopah      (CP) – Co-pilot elevated to First Pilot      (AZON) – Original Azon Crew assigned in May 1944  

Crew Photo Needed
752nd Squadron
Allen, Richard T  
Anderson, Roy C
Ash, Raymond S
Barnhart, Lyall L (CP)
Beckley, Beverly (ORIG 12)
Betzold, Paul F  
Brown, Charles S
Burman, Robert W
Bush, Burton M (ORIG 14)
Claggett, Ellwood T (ORIG 02)
Clutter,Leland W
Coyle, Henry J  
Cragun, Calvin G (ORIG 08)
Craven, Paul M
Craver, Robert E (CP)  
Denard, Mario A  
Ferriell, Kendrick E
Geiger, Clement G
Gibney, Richard J (CP)
Gibson, Rex M
Giesen, Charles A (CP)
Gorrell, Kenneth M (ORIG 15)
Grant, Edwin A (ORIG 16)
Grice, Albert H
Gulick, Ronald A (ORIG 06)
Hathaway, Frank A  
Haydon, Theodore E
Haynes, Laurence S
Hayzlett, Robert R
Heard, Robert J  
Heise, John I
Hendrickson, Glen E
Hetzler, Harold W (ORIG 04)
Hicks, Roger F
Hiner, James S
Hoffman, Ralph O
Holmgren, Edward L
Hons, Sigmund B (ORIG 16)
Horgan, Thomas G
Hurtenback, Anthony W (CP)
Ivory, Charles F (CP)
Jackson, William E
Jackson, William L
Josephson, Frank A
Koehn, George J
Laird, Maurice C  
Lehr, Robert B
Loy, Murray W  
Mangerich, Walter E (ORIG 13)
Martin, John S (ORIG 03)
Martin, William R  
McCartney, Robert W
McCollough, Joseph C (ORIG 10)
Middleton, Albert H (CP) 
Monahan, James L  
Morris, Dale R  
Nedrow, James E (ORIG 18)
Nyman, Richard W (ORIG 11)
O’Regan, Jack (CP)
Rew, Russell E  
Roberts, John P
Roubal, Joseph W (ORIG 09)
Scalf, Harvey E
Schaaf, Millard P (ORIG 17)
Sievertson, Stanley A
Simpson, Clyde D
Smith, Cecil L  
Smith, William B
Smith, William F (CP) 
Spratt, William C  
Stoesser, Robert E (CP)
Stout, Paul M (CP)
Sullivan, Edward S  
Swingle, Raymond R
Szarko, Joseph E
Taylor, Odis F (ORIG 01)
Tebbs, Merlin E
Thompson, Evert R  
Urbaniak, Leonard P  
Vehslage, Louis D
Vermieren, Franklin L  
Walker, Harold A  
Warner, Lawrence M
Weber, John L (ORIG 05)
Zimmerman, James K (ORIG 07)
753rd Squadron
Abramowitz, Leonard  
Akin, Arthur C
Alvestad, Richard O (ORIG 25)
Andrew, Lloyd F (ORIG 35)
Bechtel, Russell J
Beckstrom, Ronald S  
Boucek, William C
Bowers, Waldo
Brown, Robert A
Carter, Joseph W  
Clark, Phillip R (ORIG 21)
Curland, William H  
Daniel, Robert  
Dantler, Edward K
Davidson, Stephen F (ORIG 37)
DeCow, Wayne E  
DeNeffe, Frederick M (ORIG 23)
Diehl, Stanley E
Dooley, Ralph J
Duriavich, John F  
Dyer, Dale H
Eidelsberg, Robert E
Fields, Melvin E (CP)
Fleming, Hayes B  
Fuson, Frank C (AZON)
Gaines, Harley T (ORIG 31)
Gardner, James  
Gilbert, Kenneth O
Hackey, Ralph R (CP)
Hartswick, Richard W
Hathorn, Scott
Healy, Charles F
Hoey, Richard T  
Huff, Edgar J (CP)
Johnson, Cecil G
Jones, John J (AZON)
Keck, James M (ORIG 34)
Kelly, James F  
Kinney, Joseph P  
Kovich, Andrew D (ORIG 36)
Kramer,William D (CP)
Krueger, Paul E (ORIG 37)
LaJeunesse, Robert J
Lamb, Robert E (ORIG 20)
Lansing, John Y (AZON)
Larned, John I B (AZON)
Luft, John L (ORIG 25) (CP)
Mahan, Joseph M (ORIG 33)
Manker, David S (ORIG 30)
Mateer, Charles Q
Matze, Gerald W (AZON)
McCarthy, William P 
McCormick, Patrick (AZON)
McCoy, William R
McDonnell, John C  
McMains, Jesse L (ORIG 29)  
Montgomery, Donald A (CP)
Morford, Robert W (AZON)
Pelton, Howard G
Piskin, Arnold A (AZON)
Polliard, Thomas C
Richards, Hilburn F
Robeson, Samuel C (ORIG 28)
Robinson, Aaron C
Sanborn, Theodore S  
Sanders, William V
Schuman, George W (ORIG 24)
Sealy, Edwin J
Shannon, Lawrence R
Shaw, Charles S (ORIG 26)
Sievers, Edward A (ORIG 32)
Sloan, William E
Spaven, George R (ORIG 33)
Speer, Maurice E (AZON)
Tooman, Wilfred F (ORIG 22)
Tracy, John T (AZON)
Umphrey, Jack K (ORIG 27)
Vincent, Robert W  (AZON) (CP)
Warrell, Howard T
Wilburn, Chesleigh D
Williams, Dean G
Winters, Dana S (ORIG 31) (CP)
754th Squadron
Armour, Charles B
Ballard, Beverly E (ORIG 52)
Barnhart, Elvin L  
Barton, Kenneth C (ORIG 45)
Besten, Emil B
Bradley, George P
Brauer, Alfred C (ORIG 43)
Brevakis, Theodore J
Canady, Thomas H  
Combs, John H (ORIG 44)
Coode, James B (CP)
Cook, Warren G
Couch, Robert T (ORIG 51) (CP)
Dahm, Douglas D  
Dane, Harold B
Davis, Robert W (ORIG 49)
Doyle, Edward P
Duke, William A
Dwyre, George T
Dye, L A  
Engelhardt, Morris V  
Everett, William G
Fletcher, Robert G
Gabriel, Gene F
Goldsmith, Stuart (ORIG 55)
Hansen, Robert W
Harris, Teague G (ORIG 50)
Helfrect, Charles J
Henderson, Lee G  
Hendrix, Raymond L  
Herdti, Scott A  
Hess, Glenn A
Hodge, Louis R
Hodges, Willie E  
Holtz, Merril L
Hooven, Francis W (ORIG 51) (CP)
Hopkins, Herbert C
Hopkins, Thayer (ORIG 48)
Hunt, Daniel F  
Jessee, Howard G
Jones, Everett R
Judge, James C
Kingsley, Paul E (ORIG 42)
Klein, Edward E
Klohe, Ivon F  
Krogh, Milton E (CP)
Lanquist, Ellis  
Larson, Lincoln A  
LeBeuf, Leonard A  
Livermore, Alvin R  
Massaro, Felix (CP)
Minor, Burton T  
Morley, Francis R
Mundkowski, Robert L (ORIG 51)
Nelson, Wayne H
Neumann, Rudolf A
Newell, Henry L
Northrop, Henry H
Nutter, Ralph N
Patak, William (CP)
Pierce, Harry F (ORIG 40)
Pollard, Wallace M  
Raiter, Walter J (ORIG 56)
Rhodes, Frank L
Rogers, Guy C (ORIG 46)
Rosen, John
Rupley, Robert J
Schulze, Gilbert E (ORIG 47)
Sharp, Richard M
Sherrill, Mark H (CP)  
Sherwood, John R
Simes, James F (ORIG 55) (CP)
Skidmore, Lester J
Snyder, Elemuel M  
Stilson, Charles W (ORIG 54)
Swartz, William E (CP)
Thomas, Clyde T
Totten, David R
Wallis, Glenn J  
Watson, Melvin A (ORIG 53)
Welch, James A
Williams, Edward M
Williams, Martin D
Woodward, Valin R (ORIG 41)
Zenas, Peter A (ORIG 41) (CP)
755th Squadron
Adamson, John D (ORIG 66)  
Allen, Gerald O
Beck, Frank J (CP)
Beno, William G
Bittler, Maurice H (ORIG 61)
Blum, Allen L
Boyle, James J  
Brudos, Rex L (ORIG 63)
Brumby, Birto R
Burtis, Lewis P (ORIG 62)
Chimples, George
Curtis, Frank W (ORIG 62) (CP)
Dunlevie, Malcom W (ORIG 72)
Eisert, Frederick J
Ellis, John C (CP)
Evans, Charles S
Floyd, John B
Frederick, William R
French, Joseph H
Gentry, Leslie J
Gibson, Samuel T
Glagola, John
Glass, Searcy C (CP)  
Glenn, Royce B (ORIG 73)
Hadden, Robert C
Hale, Philip R (CP)
Hancock, Thomas E
Hannaman, Robert H (ORIG 65)
Hauser, Charles J
Hemrich, Raymond F
Herzik, Frank W (ORIG 64)
Hood, Joseph  
Humke, Herbert H  
Jones, Wade (CP)
Kenyon, Arthur F
Klusmeyer, William
Lamers, Gordon W
Lobo, Howard J  
Lockridge, Charles L
Logie, Byron E (ORIG 68)
Martin, Lester C
Mattson, John P (ORIG 75)
McArdle, Dudley J  
McGough, Leroy E (CP)
McNamara, Myron C
Melton, Charles A (ORIG 67)
Minsker, David H (CP)
Mitchell, Charles E
Moran, John W
Morris, Francis H
O’Hara, John B
Olney, James E (ORIG 61) (CP)
Perkinson, William P
Perry, Harry H
Peters, Neil A J (ORIG 69)
Prevost, James B
Quirk, Charles W
Riesen, Lawrence P (ORIG 60) (CP)
Rigley, James D (CP)
Rowland, William C (ORIG 65) (CP)
Ruark, Robert N
Schuch, Walter A (CP)
Shaw, Robert W (CP)
Slaton, Howard W (ORIG 60)
Stewart, Nelson R (ORIG 76)
Stoneburner, Paul W
Stroup, Joseph M (ORIG 71)
Vogel, Curt M (ORIG 74)
Wagner, Kermit A
Wells, Harold W (ORIG 70)
Whitlow, Robert V (ORIG)
Williams, Donald K

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