458th Bombardment Group (H)

Unknown Crews

The photos on these pages were, initially, very generously submitted by James Leddy who found them during his research at the National Archives.  Mr. Leddy’s original Xerox photo copies have been replaced by digital copies found at the FOLD3 website.  In some cases, the Squadron that the crew belonged in was included in the margin of the photo. If you can identify any of the personnel pictured here, please contact me.

Unknown Crew 01

Identified as the Thomas Canady Crew 754BS

Sgt Harold V. Edwards, Aerial Gunner is kneelling 2nd from left.

Thank you Gina Larson!

Aircraft is B-24J-401-CF 42-50456 Z5 D  Dorothy Kay Special

Unknown Crew 02

Unknown Aircraft

Unknown Crew 03

Aircraft is B-24H-20-DT 41-28942 7V U  Heavenly Body

Crew is possibly that of Lt Evert R Thompson

Unknown Crew 04

Aircraft Unknown

Unknown Crew 05

Aircraft Unknown

Unknown Crew 06

753rd Squadron

Aircraft is B-24JAZ-155-CO 44-40288 J4 S  Bad Girl

IDENTIFIED (partially)
Left – Right:
Alvin Shapiro – copilot Crew 23, Unknown, Frederick DeNeffe – pilot Crew 23, George Higgins – navigator Crew 26, Unknown

Photo taken on May 31, 1944 when DeNeffe flew Bad Girl on the group’s first AZON mission