458th Bombardment Group (H)

Ferry Crews

In June 1945, the B-24’s of the 458th (and several from other bomb groups) were ferried back to the States from Horsham St. Faith.  Air crew who had not completed their combat tours when the war ended were assigned the duty of flying the aircraft.  In addition, ground personnel who were not essential to closing out the group’s operations at Horsham were assigned (about 10 to an aircraft) to be returned to the States, ostensibly in order to get the group ready to retrain in B-29’s for deployment to the Pacific Theater.  Photographs were taken, but no identities were included.  If anyone can identify any of the air or ground personnel in any of these photos, please contact me.

The photos are marked with the last three numbers of the aircraft when known. Crews that have been identified have the pilot’s last name listed next to the partial serial number.

Click on each image for a closeup view of the personnel.

Ferry Crew 001

Ferry Crew 002

Ferry Crew 003

Ferry Crew 004

Aircraft possibly: B-24JSH-1 FO 42-50684 J3 A&G Fish Shoppe

Ferry Crew 005

Ferry Crew 006

Ferry Crew 007

Aircraft from 466BG (Squadron code “U8”)

Ferry Crew 008

Ferry Crew 009

Officers on right wearing 754BS patches

Ferry Crew 018 Lanquist

B-24H-20-FO 42-95018 Z5 J  Old Doc’s Yacht

Ferry Crew 059

B-24J-130-CO 42-110059 Z5 T

Ferry Crew 110 W.L. Jackson

B-24H-25-DT 42-51110 7V P  Top O’ The Mark

Ferry Crew 126 Holtz

B-24J-145-CO 44-40126 Z5 L  Sky Tramp / Spitten Kitten

Ferry Crew 141 LaJeunesse

B-24J-140-CO 42-110141 J4 U  Breezy Lady / Marie / Superman

Ferry Crew 163 Hartswick

B-24JAZ-140-CO 42-110163 J4 M  Time’s A Wastin’

Ferry Crew 179 Rhoades

Ferry Crew 183

B-24H-25-FO 42-95183 J4 U  Briney Marlin

Ferry Crew 196 Mateer

B-24H-30-DT 42-51196 J3 Q  The Gypsy Queen

Ferry Crew 199 Sharp

B-24H-30-DT 42-51199 Z5 U

Ferry Crew 200

B-24H-30-DT 42-51200 J4 F Stinky

Ferry Crew 206 Hiner

B-24H-30-DT 42-51206 J3 S  The Pied Piper

Ferry Crew 261

B-24LHO-5-FO 44-49261 J3 A

Ferry Crew 270

B-24J-1-DT 42-51270 7V A  My Bunnie II

Ferry Crew 273 Johnson

B-24JAZ-155-CO 44-40273 J4 T  Howling Banshee

Ferry Crew 277-1

B-24JAZ-155-CO 44-40277 J4 P  Miss Used

Ferry Crew 277-2

B-24JAZ-155-CO 44-40277 J4 P  Miss Used

Ferry Crew 305 Welch

B-24H-10-CF 41-29305 Z5 N  I’ll Be Back / Hypochondriac

Ferry Crew 352

B-24H-15-CF 41-29352 7V K  Wolve’s Lair

Ferry Crew 366 Sherwood

B-24J-95-CO 42-100366 Z5 B  Mizpah

Ferry Crew 373 Dahm

B-24J-5-DT 42-51373 J4 S

Ferry Crew 408

B-24J-100-CO 42-100408 J4 I Lady Luck / The Beast
Middle Row, 3rd from left: M/Sgt Waldo W. Plaisted, 753BS Crew Chief

Ferry Crew 424 Holmgren

B-24J-160-CO 44-40424 7V F  Monya

Ferry Crew 487

B-24J-55-CF 44-10487 7V B (No Name, Girl on Surfboard)

Ferry Crew 499 Taylor

B-24J-401-CF 42-50499 7V U  Cookie / Open Post

Ferry Crew 502 Burman

B-24J-401-CF 42-50502 7V E  Larrupin’ Linda

Ferry Crew 504 W. Smith

B-24J-401-CF 42-50504 7V L

Ferry Crew 516 Totten Crew members

B-24J-1-FO 42-50516 Z5 V Star Dust

Ferry Crew 539 Hathorn

B-24M-5-FO 44-50539 J4 B

Ferry Crew 544

B-24LHO-10-FO 44-49544 J3 E Oh Mona!

Ferry Crew 555 Dantler

B-24J-1-FO 42-50555 J4 A  Baby Shoes

Ferry Crew 567 Swingle

B-24H-15-CF 41-29567 7V G  My Bunnie

Ferry Crew 575 Hoffman

B-24J-1-FO 42-50575 J3 O

Ferry Crew 577 Moran

B-24M-5-FO 44-50577 7V H
(Aircraft came from the 453BG in mid-April 1945)

Ferry Crew 578 Minor

B-24J-1-FO 42-50578 Z5 F  Sky Room

Ferry Crew 602 McCoy

B-24J-65-CF 44-10602 J4 E  Ten Gun Dottie

Ferry Crew 608

B-24J-1-FO 42-50608 J4 W

Ferry Crew 640 Daniel

B-24J-1-FO 42-50640 Z5 O  Bugs Bunny

Ferry Crew 667

B-24MSH-10-FO 44-50667 J3 R

Ferry Crew 669

B-24JSH-10-FO 42-51669 J3 J

Ferry Crew 693 Fletcher

B-24M-10-FO 44-50693 J3 P

Ferry Crew 715

B-24M-10-FO 44-50715 Z5 G  Ford’s Follies

Ferry Crew 720 Thomas

B-24J-1-FO 42-50720 Z5 R

Ferry Crew 743 Jessee

B-24JSH-10-FO 42-51743 J3 F

Ferry Crew 764 Rupley

B-24J-5-FO 42-50764 Z5 I  Linda Lou

Ferry Crew 766 Ferriell

B-24M-10-FO 44-50766 7V J You’ve Had It

Ferry Crew 768 Wilburn

B-24J-5-FO 42-50768 Z5 Y  Arise My Love, and Come With Me

Ferry Crew 791 Geiger

B-24J-5-FO 42-50791 6L B Judy Sue (466BG 787BS)

Ferry Crew 837

B-24JSH-20-FO 44-48837 J3 L
Possibly 1Lt Maurice C. Laird Crew
Lt Zenas A. Varney (Standing, 2nd from left)

Ferry Crew 902

B-24LSH-15-FO 44-49902 J3 M

Ferry Crew 910 Hendrickson

B-24LHO-15-FO 44-49910 J3 D

Ferry Crew 912 Hoey

B-24J-5-FO 42-50912 J4 D The Travlin’ Bag
Kneeling: 2nd left: Sgt William N. Castle; 2nd right: 2Lt Richard T. Hoey

Ferry Crew 926 McCartney

B-24LHO-15-FO 44-49926 Z5 S Sweet Sue

Ferry Crew 936 R. Brown

B-24JSH-15-FO 42-51936 J3 I

Ferry Crew 980 Robinson

B-24H-20-DT 41-28980 J4 V

Ferry Crew Heise

Ferry Crew Rosen

Ferry Crew Scalf

Last Liberator leaving Horsham

Going Home – Unknown Airmen