458th Bombardment Group (H)

Personnel List – W

Alphabetical Listing of 458th Bomb Group Personnel

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Waag, John BT/SgtFlight Engineer754Combs
Wadsworth, Paul AS/SgtRadio Operator753Dooley
Wadsworth, Wendell HT/SgtFlight Engineer753DeNeffe
Wagner, Joe T/SgtFlight Engineer754Mundowski
Wagner, Kermit ACaptPilot755Wagner
Wagner, Theodore F2LtCo-pilot755Peters
Wagoner, Gerald ES/SgtAerial Gunner753LaJeunesse
Wainick, Leonard R2LtBombardier755Hauser
Waite, George H2LtBombardier752Hathaway
Waitt, Kenneth J GS/SgtFlight Engineer754Barnhart
Walczak, Albert WT/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Vogel
Waldrep, Jr, Preston WSgtTop Turret Gunner753Schuman
Walhay, Ward L1LtNavigator752Josephson
Walker, Charles MT/SgtRadio Operator753Johnson, C
Walker, Daniel GS/SgtTop Turret Gunner752Thompson
Walker, Everett G2LtBombardier754Larson
Walker, Harold A1LtPilot752Walker
Walker, Philip N1LtPilot755Walker, P
Walker, Wayne AT/SgtFlight Engineer754Gabriel
Walker, Willard ESgtAerial Gunner754Sharp
Wall, Charles D2LtNavigator754Larson
Wallace, Clinton EF/OCo-pilot754Beno
Wallace, Louis HS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Walker
Wallis, Glenn J2LtPilot754Wallis
Walsh, Thomas E2LtNavigator752Everett
Walsh, William JCplRadio Operator753Richards
Ward, Robert LSgtFlight Engineer753Shannon
Ward, William T2Lt752Smith, WB
Ware, William C2LtBombardier754Rosen
Warner, Lawrence M2LtPilot752Warner
Warrell, Howard T1LtPilot753Warrell
Warren, Bewel ESgtTop Turret Gunner754Hopkins, T
Warren, Samuel ES/SgtFlight Engineer752Zimmerman
Washington, Fielding L1LtBombardier753Fuson
Wassel, Theodore JS/SgtAerial Gunner754Beno
Waters, John CSgtAerial Gunner755Hadden
Watkins, Paul GS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Allen
Watson, Claude J1LtBombardier755Hemrich
Watson, Maurice LS/SgtAerial Gunner752Moran
Watson, Melvin A1LtPilot754Watson
Watson, Thomas S/SgtFlight Engineer755Glenn
Wattlington, William DSgtAerial Gunner752Thompson
Weakley, Jr, Samuel D2LtNavigator752McCartney
Weatherby, Jr, Harold ECplFlight Engineer752Heise
Weathersby, Altus BS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Shaw
Weaver, Melvin S/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Swingle
Webb, Burton ESgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Pelton
Weber, William LSgtRadio Operator753Shannon
Weber, Jr., John LCaptPilot752Weber
Webster, Donald E1LtCo-pilot753Healy
Webster, William A2LtNavigator753Thompson
Webster, William JS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Melton
Wedding, James HT/SgtAerial Gunner, 2/E753Spaven
Weed, Luther FT/SgtFlight Engineer754McArdle
Wees, Dale R1Lt752Powell
Wehrle, William J2Lt753Sanborn
Weick, James CS/SgtTop Turret Gunner755Frederick
Weik, Franz-Josef RCplAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Hendrix
Weiland, Wiliam J1LtNavigator753Matze
Weiler, Robert L1LtBombardier755Mitchell
Weiner, Sheldon F/OBombardier755Stoneburner
Weinum, Charles C1LtNavigator755Melton
Weisberg, Jerry SgtFlight Engineer754Woodward
Weisberg, Robert HS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Nedrow
Weitz, Albert ET/SgtFlight Engineer755Eisert
Welch, James A2LtPilot754Welch
Welch, John B1LtBombardier753Robeson
Welch, Lloyd CSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Keck
Wells, Harold W1LtPilot755Wells
Wells, Henry G1LtNavigator755Hadden
Werbalowski, Alvin S/SgtFlight Engineer755Loose
West, Lovell TS/SgtFlight Engineer755Vogel
Wheatley, John TCplRadio Operator754Hendrix
Wheatley, Kenton PSgtFlight Engineer753Pelton
Wheeler, Jr, Burton W1LtCo-pilot753Dooley
Whitaker, Kenneth BSgtAerial Gunner755Allen
White, Frank HS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Laird
White, Jesse MS/SgtAerial Gunner754Herdti
White, William RCplAerial Gunner754Pollard
Whitecavage, Joseph PT/SgtFlight Engineer753Umphrey
Whitlow, Robert VCaptPilot / Operations Officer755Whitlow
Whittaker, Kenneth BSgtAerial Gunner/Radar Observer, Sea Search755
Widestrand, Charles NLtCo-pilot755McNamara
Wiehage, Frederick G.SgtTop Turret Gunner753Diehl
Wilburn, Chesleigh D2LtPilot753Wilburn
Wilcox, Larry 2LtNavigator752Haynes
Wilcox, Jr, Edwin E1LtCo-pilot755Brumby
Wilde, Vincent LS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Wells
Wilds, Edwin LS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Taylor
Wilensky, Alvin 1LtBombardier755Sealy
Wilk, Edward PS/SgtAerial Gunner752Vehslage
Wilkening, Carlton CT/SgtRadio Operator755Brudos
Wilkins, Jack RS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Scaif
Wilkinson, David ET/SgtRadio Operator752Claggett
Wilks, Willie RSgtAerial Gunner752Gibson, R.
Williams, Calvin ST/SgtRadio Operator754Skidmore
Williams, Dean G1LtPilot753Williams, DG
Williams, Donald K1LtPilot753Williams, DK
Williams, Edward MCaptPilot754Williams, E
Williams, Eldon OSgtRadio Operator753Bechtel
Williams, Henry KT/SgtFlight Engineer752Spratt, Jr
Williams, James HSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Pelton
Williams, Leslie B1LtNavigator753Boucek
Williams, Raymond WS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Smith, CL
Williams, Robert SSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754
Williams, Roger W2LtNavigator752Vehslage
Willie, George GS/SgtAerial Gunner755Sievertson
Willingham, Thomas VT/SgtFlight Engineer752Grice
Willis, Frank W1LtCo-pilot754Klein
Willis, Jr, Arthur WF/ONavigator753Hopkins, H
Willy, Jr, Frank JT/SgtRadio Operator754Lanquist
Wilson, Bayard HS/SgtGunnery Instructor/Flight Engineer755
Wilson, Bernard O.2LtCo-pilot752Nedrow
Wilson, Glenn W1LtCo-pilot753Hathorn
Wilson, Marvin TSgtTail Turret Gunner754Rogers
Wilson, Paul CS/SgtFlight Engineer753Robeson
Wilson, Raymond JT/SgtRadio Operator753Tooman
Wilson, William P1LtBombardier753Manker
Wilster, John AS/SgtFlight Engineer752Weber
Winkel, Robert AT/SgtFlight Engineer755Hood
Winslow, James BT/SgtRadio Operator753Wilburn
Winters, Carl LT/SgtFlight Engineer753Hathorn
Winters, Dana S1LtCo-pilot753Gaines
Winton, James WS/SgtAerial Gunner753Bowers
Wise, Frank ECplFlight Engineer752Heard
Wishinski, Ben SgtRadio Operator754Kingsley
Wodecki, Stephen JCplAerial Gunner753Gilbert
Wohl, R J2LtNavigator752Martin, JS
Wolak, Alphonse ASgtWaist Gunner752
Transferred from 1119th MP
Wolf, Adolph GS/SgtAerial Gunner755Hood
Wood, Leonard ESgtNose Turret Gunner753Williams, DK
Wood, Robert JS/SgtRadio Operator754Hodge
Wood, Jr, Edward ES/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Hood
Woodford, John A1LtCo-pilot753Tooman
Woodland, Gordon C2LtBombardier754Barnhart
Woodward, Herbert M2LtCo-pilot752Lehr
Woodward, Valin RMajPilot - CO 755BS (Mar 45) - Group CO (Aug 45)754Woodward
Woodward, Jr, Herbert N2LtCo-pilot752Lehr
Woodworth, John I1LtNavigator755Mattson
Woody, Nathan ASgtTail Turret Gunner752Horgan
Work, William G1LtCo-pilot754Hess
Worrell, Edward RSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Beckley
Worton, Joseph E2LtCo-pilot754Stilson
Wright, Charles CS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Mundowski
Wright, Frederick WS/SgtAerial Gunner753Morford
Wright, Frederick W2LtCo-pilot755Klusmeyer
Wright, John AS/SgtFlight Engineer753Sloan
Wright, Walter HS/SgtAerial Gunner752Horgan
Wroten, Donald I1LtCo-pilot754
Wyman, Gordon E1LtBombardier753Davidson
Wynn, John L1LtBombardier754Newell
Wysocki, Casimir R1LtNavigator752
Ground Men:
NameRankMOSJobUnitInfo SourceComments
Wabanimkee, Charles JCpl345Truck Driver, Light469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Wade, Charles EPF573Welder, Aircraft754SO68: 20-Mar-45Assigned
Wade, Robert CSgt574Bombsight & Autopilot Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wade, William MT/Sgt965Mech, Auto, Wheeled Vehicle (3rd Ech)1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wakefield, Arthur LSgt678Power Turret & Gunsight Mech469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Walden, Billie Pvt345Truck Driver, Light1105QMSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Waldy, William WCpl853CmlSO100: 21-Apr-45TD to AAF 520 Ammo course
Walkin, William DSgt555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wallace, Kenneth DCpl754SO82: 03-Apr-45Attached to 469SD
Waller, Edward CSgt405/631Clerk-Typist/Intelligence NCO755SO284: 10-Nov-44Reclassified
Wallin, Herbert RSgt753SO43: 19-Feb-45Naturalization reporting applicant
Wallis, Michael Pfc130PostSO228: 01-Sep-44Promoted to Tec5
Wallis, Raymond JSgt650Telephone Switchboard Operator753SO283: 09-Nov-44Assigned
Walsh, Bernard LCpl405Clerk-Typist754SO15: 17-Jan-45Promoted to Sgt
Walsh, Francis XS/Sgt574Bombsight & Autopilot Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Walsh, Howard BCapt754SO148: 05-Jun-44Transferred to HQ
Walsh, Thomas FS/SgtSquadron Flight Chief754SO145: 02-Jun-44TD to No 12 Sch of Tech Training
Walsh, William OM/Sgt60SCSO298: 25-Nov-44TD from where??
Walter, Henry ST/Sgt932Special Vehicle Operator752SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Wanquist, Norman CSgt673Medical NCO377ASSO96: 17-Apr-45Promoted to Sgt
Warner, Jack DCpl959Airplane Mech Instrument Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Warner, Jr, Thomas HT/Sgt502/870Administrative NCO/Chemical NCO377SO135: 29-May-45Reclassified
Warren, Herman Pvt747/590Airplane and Engine Mech/Duty Soldier III754SO48: 25-Feb-45Reclassified
Warren, Norman RT/Sgt821Quartermaster Supply Technician1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Wasko, Joseph SCpl550Airplane Woodworker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Waters, Marvin TSgt867Radar Mechanic, BombardmentHQSO239: 15-Sep-44From AAF148
Wawrzyniak, Arthur JPfc056Mail Clerk753SO63: 15-Mar-45Assigned
Wayne, Robert ASgt754SO82: 03-Apr-45Attached to 469SD
Weathers, Jr, John WSgt60SCSO72: 24-Mar-45TD from 2 SAD
Weaver, Keith HCpl809Decontaminating Equip Operator60SCSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Weber, Frederick M/Sgt826Supply Technician, AAF469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Weber, Jacob Cpl965Mech, Auto, Wheeled Vehicle (3rd Ech)1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Weber, Leland DCpl753SO250: 27-Sep-44TD to AAF 591
Webster, Robert OCpl405Clerk-Typist1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Wehrkamp, Robert HS/Sgt938Gunnery Instructor753FR1067: 12-Feb-45Awards - Purple Heart for wounds on 1/14/45 misison
Weinbauer, Robert FCpl854/867Radar Mechanic, Sea Search/Radar Mechanic, BombardmentHQSO38: 14-Feb-45Reclassified
Weiner, James JPvt756Radio Operator, AAF752SO4: 04-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Weinhofer, William CTec513SPSSO228: 01-Sep-441BD Stage Show
Weis, Gerard JPvt677Military Policeman1261MPSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Weitman, Russell ACpl014Automotive Mech (2nd Echelon)60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Welborn, Darrell BPvt590Duty Soldier III1119MPSO15: 17-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Wells, Melvin LCpl754SO284: 10-Nov-44TD to AAF 101 - Army/Navy Football
Wemirovsky, David Pvt858CmlSO127: 19-May-45Promoted to Pfc
Wendella, William TPfc555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker752SO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp (WENDELS)?
Wendels, William FPfc535Balloon Gas Handler (Maintenance)752SO41: 17-Feb-45Reld fr atchd 1119MP - atchd Det A 1261MP (WENDELLA)?
Werman, David SPfc858CmlSO96: 17-Apr-45TD from ? Asgn to Det A
Werner, Donald JSgt96CBWSO205: 08-Aug-44Assigned
Wert, Kenneth EPvt747/590Airplane and Engine Mech/Duty Soldier III754SO89: 10-Apr-45Reclassified
Wessberg, Ernest Sgt901Munitions Worker752SO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Westbrook, Woodrow WSgt958Airplane & Engine Elec Acessry Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Westra, Raymond ES/Sgt60SCSO294: 20-Nov-44TD from ???
Wetjen, Frances JSgt860/853Radar Mechanic (GEE)/Radar Mechanic, Navigation755SO316: 18-Dec-44Reclassified
Wetter, Richard HS/Sgt853Radar Mechanic, Navigation755SO303: 01-Dec-44Promoted to T/Sgt
Wheeler, Daniel HSgt60SCSO294: 20-Nov-44TD from ???
Wheeler, Douglas H1Lt755SO167: 28-Jun-44TD AAF 113 - Pers Equip Course
Wheeler, Sidney ACpl060/014Cook/Automotive Mechanic752SO37: 13-Feb-45Reclassified
Wherley, Frank CSgt502Administrative NCO60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Whitaker, Vernon LS/Sgt901/505Munitions Worker/Ammunition NCO752FR0843: 01-Dec-44Defused 1000 lb bomb slipped from Halifax on runway
Whitcraft, William FPvt590Duty Soldier III754SO27: 01-Feb-45Promoted to Pfc
White, Carl Pvt901Munitions Worker753SO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng (Evans Crew Eng)
White, Jack RCpl753SO135: 29-May-45TD to London
White, Lewis FCpl747Airplane & Engine Mech60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
White, Stanley FPvt469SDSO303: 01-Dec-44DS from AAF 147 APO558
Whitechair, Ralph Pvt932Special Vehicle Operator754SO71: 23-Mar-45Promoted to Pfc
Whitthorne, Samuel M1LtArmament Officer752FR0769: 01-Jun-44Narrative - Ordnance/Armament Officer
Whittier, Roland FPfc932Special Vehicle Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wholley, Jr, Thomas RS/Sgt3332016FFSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Wiggins, Orville HSgt348Parts Clerk, Automotive638FR0340: 15-May-45Awards - Meritorius Achievement Award
Wilerson, Campbell Sgt747Airplane & Engine Mech752SO144: 01-Jun-44Promoted to S/Sgt
Wiles, Amos HSgt638FR0341: 01-May-45Trsf to ZI - Orig 458BG, 2-1/2yrs in ETO, dischg over 40 years old
Wilhelm, Carl HSgt60SCSO294: 20-Nov-44TD from ???
Wilhite, Clyde 1Lt755SO150: 07-Jun-44Assigned
Wilig, Bernard Capt96CBWSO191: 23-Jul-44DS AAF 120 - 7 days
Wilkerson, William RPvt650/759Telephone Switchboard Operator/Radio Operator, CNS1080SigSO287: 13-Nov-44Reclassified
WilkersonS/Sgt750Crew Chief752FR0867: 01-Feb-45Crew Chief - Msn: 56 / Engr Abt: 3 / High Cons: 19 / Curr Cons: 10
Wilkins, Ralph OPfc017BakerHQSO130: 23-May-45Assigned
Wilkinson, Charles LPfc050Carpenter, GeneralHQSO80: 01-Apr-45Assigned
WilkinsonLt ColHQGrpRec 06/45: 14-Jun-45Left in Azores with pneumonia
Willard, Chester ACpl835Supply Clerk469SDSO68: 20-Mar-45Assigned
Williams, George WPvt965Mech, Auto, Wheeled Vehicle (3rd Ech)814AESO137: 31-May-45Assigned from 2AD
Williams, Harry JSgt747Airplane & Engine Mech755SO200: 01-Aug-44Promoted to S/Sgt
Williams, Herbert D Cpl345Truck Driver, Light377SO137: 31-May-45Assigned from 2AD - DS to 392BG
Williams, Jack J1LtIntelligence Officer754FR1099: 24-Sep-43Squadron Intelligence Officer
Williams, Joseph S1Lt6402Statistical Control OfficerHQGrpRec 12/43: 30-Dec-43Key Personnel - Sta & Grp Stats Off (Ops)
Williams, Leonard WPvt383Fire Fighter2016FFSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Williams, Lloyd GS/Sgt573Welder, Aircraft469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Williams, Russell L1Lt1080SigSO220: 23-Aug-44Apdt Class A Agent for Maj Karst
Williams, Velma OSgt752FR0920: 01-May-45Awards - Certificate of Meritorius Achievement - May 1945
Williams, Jr, Claude MPfc237Teletype Operator752SO236: 11-Sep-44Assigned
Williams, Jr, Luther CCpl055Clerk, General60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Williamson, Arlo HPfc1080SigSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Williamson, Jack Cpl60SCSO241: 17-Sep-44On DS from AAF 104
Williamson, Jefferson BM/SgtHQSO305: 04-Dec-44Attached to HQ
Williamson, Walter HLtColSquadron CO 752BS (Aug 44) / Command PilotHQSO147: 04-Jun-44Assigned & Appt Sta & Grp Air Exec O
Willis, Clinton ESgt647/950Radio Repairman, A/C Equip/Wire Repairman, VHF1080SigSO200: 01-Aug-44Reclassified
Wilos, Amos HSgt835Supply Clerk1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Wilson, Albert BPfc566/677Duty NCO/Military Policeman1119MPSO286: 12-Nov-44Reclassified
Wilson, Bud H MPvt590Duty Soldier III753SO70: 22-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Wilson, Dell CT/SgtHQSO15: 17-Jan-45TD to London
Wilson, Robert JPvt778Radio Mechanic AACS60SCSO295: 21-Nov-44Det 131st Army Airways Com Sys Sq
Wilterdink, Donald JCpl555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wiltrout, John EM/Sgt261Wire Chief, Tel/Tegr377ASSO96: 17-Apr-45Trsf from SC to AC
Wimmer, Ralph Tec5383Fire Fighter377ASSO96: 17-Apr-45Promoted to Cpl
Wine, Kenneth OPfc1080SigSO149: 06-Jun-44Now on SD at AAF 147 placed on TD
Wines, George WTec5830SigSO181: 12-Jul-44TD with 485th - attch to 60SC
Winn, Lorenzo AT/Sgt683Bombsight Mechanic752SO81: 02-Apr-45Assigned
Winrick, Robert JW/OTechnical InspectorHQGrpRec 12/43: 30-Dec-43Key Personnel - Sta & Grp Tech Insp
Winslow, Gordon JPfc911Airplane Armorer753SO22: 24-Jan-45Assigned
Winters, Theodore ASgt60SCSO312: 12-Dec-44TD from 1 SAD AAF 595
Wisner, Robert SPfc901Munitions Worker753SO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Wissner, David JSgt612/601Airplane Armorer-Gunner/AAA Weapons Crewman60SCSO177: 08-Jul-44Reclassified
Withum, Philip ASgt650Telephone Switchboard Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Witton, Homer Pfc511Armorer752SO72: 24-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Witus, Harry S/Sgt405/502Clerk-Typist/Administrative NCO60SCSO316: 18-Dec-44Reclassified
Wolanski, Telesphere FS/Sgt965Mech, Auto, Wheeled Vehicle (3rd Ech)1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wolfe, Woodrow WPfc383Fire Fighter2016FFSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Wolff, Henry MSgt60SCSO302: 30-Nov-44TD from where??
Wolowitz, Harry Tec51080SigSO149: 06-Jun-44Now on SD at AAF 147 placed on TD
Wood, George Sgt757Radio Operator753FR0956: 01-Nov-43PHOTO - Crew #31 - Not sent to ETO? (Killed Norwich?)
Woodard, Clarence ACpl901Munitions Worker1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Woodard, Thomas LPfc383Fire Fighter2016FFSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Woods, Alvie GT/Sgt824Mess Sergeant755FR1457: 11-Feb-45Sqdn party committee - Assistant to 1Sgt (Consolidated Mess)
Woods, Dewey CCpl620Parachute Rigger & Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Woods, Peter TPfc511Armorer752SO72: 24-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Workentin, Pete IPvt60SCSO286: 12-Nov-44TD from 2d SAD AAF 547
Workman, Otto VPfc752SO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wotjon, Francis JSgt853Radar Mechanic, Navigation754SO75: 27-Mar-45Promoted to S/Sgt
Wozniak, Elsryan JSgt1105QMSO190: 22-Jul-44TD to AAF 104
Wozniak, John JPfc915Artillery Mech, Heavy Anti Aircraft1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wright, Frank EMaj2161Squadron Operations Officer - Cmd Pilot754SO6: 06-Jan-44Movement (SO from HQ 4AF)
Wright, Howard FT/Sgt555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Wright, James CPfc952Radio Repairman, Gun Laying Equip753SO117: 26-Apr-44AZON Crews (Ord fr: HQ 3AFSW)
Wright, Kenneth GS/Sgt821Quartermaster Supply Technician60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
WrightTec5GrpRec 04/44: 27-Apr-44Trsf to 987th MP Co - Par15 SO116??
Wright, Jr, Harold PCpl755SO220: 23-Aug-44TD AAF 112 Pers Equip Course
Wroblewski, Edmund LCpl857HQSO126: 18-May-45Assigned from 70th RD
Wurtzbacher, Wallace RSgt601AAA Weapons Crewman60SCSO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
WyattPfcHQGrpRec 04/44: 20-Apr-44Assigned from 2BD Casual Pool
Wykes, Robert JCpl555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn