458th Bombardment Group (H)

Personnel List – O

Alphabetical Listing of 458th Bomb Group Personnel

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Oberste, Ralph JT/SgtRadio Operator755Burtis
O'Brien, John ASgtAerial Gunner755McNamara
O'Brien, John JS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Albrecht
O'Brien, Martin JT/SgtRadio Operator753Polliard
O'Brien, Richard C1LtNavigator755Dane
Ocker, Donald SSgtAerial Gunner754Barnhart
O'Connor, Bernard MT/SgtFlight Engineer754Doyle
Oder, Gilford LSgtRadio Operator754Harris
O'Donnell, Eugene D2LtCo-pilot755Allen
O'Hara, John B2LtPilot755O'Hara
O'Hara, William ES/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Polliard
O'Hare, George JSgtAerial Gunner753Robinson
Olney, Basil RSgtWaist Gunner755Stoneburner
Olney, James ELtCo-pilot / Pilot755Bittler
Olson, George LSgtNose Turret Gunner752Thompson
O'Malley, John FT/SgtFlight Engineer752Everett
Ordiway, Grant DSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Shannon
O'Reagan, Jack 2LtCo-pilot / Pilot752Craven
Orgain, Donald HSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Totten
Ortega, Jr, Santos T/SgtRadio Operator754Fletcher
Ortiz, Charles RS/SgtAerial Gunner753Kelly
Ostrow, Jerome G2LtCo-pilot752Denard
Ottney, Leon CS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Lockridge
Oulette, Victor RS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Tooman
Ourada, Albert ES/SgtRadio Operator753Kinney
Owens, Richard S/SgtFlight Engineer754Pierce
Owens, Jr, William FSgtWaist Gunner754Armour
Ground Men:
NameRankMOSJobUnitInfo SourceComments
Oatis, E MajFinanceSO161: 19-Jun-44Count, verify balance
Oberer, James WS/Sgt860/853Radar Mechanic (GEE)/Radar Mechanic, Navigation755FR1398: 20-Sep-44TD to Lille, France, Return HSF 10/20 - Comm
O'Brien, Robert JPvt590Duty Soldier III1119MPSO27: 01-Feb-45Promoted to Pfc
O'Connell, Francis Pfc590Duty Soldier III377FR0333: 25-May-45Assigned from 987 MP Co (Avn) on dy w/MPs
O'Conner, Martin JTec5835Supply Clerk638AMSO96: 17-Apr-45Promoted to Cpl
O'Dell, Douglas RT/Sgt505Ammunition NCO755FR1465: 01-Mar-45Transferred to 9th Reinforcement Depot in France Inf OCS School
O'Donnell, John JCpl901Munitions Worker753SO273: 27-Oct-44Assd to Ord Depot
O'Dowd, David JCpl237Teletype Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Oehler, Albert JSgt686Airplane Instrument Mech, Specialist755SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Off, Victor WSgt055Clerk, General753SO137: 31-May-45Assigned from 2AD
Offenstein, Calvin CPfc409Medical TechnicianHQSO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Oglesby, Aaron BCpl555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Oldenburger, William CSgt063Crane Operator1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Olinger, James LPvt590Duty Soldier III1119MPSO27: 01-Feb-45Promoted to Pfc
Oliver, David BPvt757/756Radio Operator/Radio Operator752SO14: 16-Jan-45Reclassified - Former air crew Lt Beckley Crew 12
Ollum, John LMaj2161Sqdn Operations Officer - Cmd Pilot755SO11: 12-Jan-44Movement (SO frm HQ IV BC)
Olsen, Earl RSgt858CmlSO96: 17-Apr-45TD from ? Asgn to Det A
Olshieski, Thaddeus MPvt590Duty Soldier III752SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Olson, Arden LM/Sgt821Quartermaster Supply Technician814FR0351: 06-May-45Station Pistol Team (won 1944 8AF Championship)
Olson, Arthur WCpl867Radar Mechanic, Bombardment753SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
O'Neill, Frederick MLtCol1024753BS CO / Cmd PilotHQSO196: 28-Jul-44Aptd Station & Group S3 (Opns-O)
O'Neill, Jeremiah JS/Sgt301Investigator1261MPGrpRec 04/44: 20-Apr-44Assigned from 492nd BG
O'Neill, Loring HPfc144Painter, General754FR1286: 07-Apr-45Assigned to Sqdn replacing infantry trsfrs
Onosrio, Christen Sgt511/901Armorer/Munitions Worker752SO15: 17-Jan-45Reclassified
Oppenheimer, Bennet Sgt405Clerk-Typist754SO209: 12-Aug-44Trsf to HQ Det 458BG
Osbahr, Arnold JPfc590/677Duty Soldier III/Military Policeman1119MPSO268: 20-Oct-44Reclassified
Osborne, David B2Lt1024Pilot752SO102: 29-Dec-43Reld fr 458BG asgd to 470BG Mt Home, Id
Osborne, Walter WCpl756Radio Operator, AAF858CmlSO117: 09-May-45Assigned on TD from AAF 145
Osler, Duncan ATec4647/951Radio Repairman, A/C Equip/?1080SigSO200: 01-Aug-44Reclassified
Osmanski, Anthony JPvt345Truck Driver, Light469SDSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Osterhout, Ernest FS/Sgt60SCSO323: 26-Dec-44TD from where??
O'Toole, Thomas APvt1686OrdSO49(?): 07-Dec-43Awd of Good Conduct Medal 1yr service
Ovens, William RCpl2016EngSO274: 28-Oct-44TD to AAF 595 -1SAD
Overstreet, Joseph RSgt809Decontaminating Equip Operator754SO200: 01-Aug-44Promoted to S/Sgt
Owen, Evan JSgt623Finance Clerk-Typist211FinSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Owens, William RCpl405Clerk-Typist2016FFSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Oyler, George CMajHQSO58: 09-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD