458th Bombardment Group (H)

Personnel List – N

Alphabetical Listing of 458th Bomb Group Personnel

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Nabe, Edgar CSgtBall Turret Gunner, 2/E755Lobo
Nally, Charles TT/SgtFlight Engineer754Nelson
Napolitano, Joseph AS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Lamers
Naughton, Wilbert JSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Sharp
Nearhoof, James LS/SgtAerial Gunner/Gunnery Instructor753Boucek
Nearhos, Peter GT/SgtRadio Operator754LeBeuf
Nedrow, James E.1LtPilot752Nedrow
Needelman, Julius 2LtNavigator752Mangerich
Needham, James ES/SgtAerial Gunner752Everett
Neeland, Charles HS/SgtAerial Gunner752Barnhart
Neely, Charles GS/SgtAerial Gunner753Gardner
Neil, Claude ASgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Davis
Neil, Merritt BT/SgtRadio Operator754Ruark
Neill, Ralph A1LtCo-pilot754Herdti
Neilson, Robert P2Lt753
Neirynck, Rene S/SgtFlight Engineer752Schaaf
Nelson, Dale RS/SgtAerial Gunner754Rosen
Nelson, Harold AT/SgtFlight Engineer753Bechtel
Nelson, Joseph W1LtNavigator753Lansing
Nelson, Lowell BS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Hodge
Nelson, Oscar BS/SgtBall Turret Gunner753Dooley
Nelson, Wayne H1LtPilot754Nelson
Nemeth, James S/SgtRadio Operator754Ballard
Neudorff, Robert CS/SgtAerial Gunner755French
Neumann, Rudolf A2LtPilot754Neumann
Neville, Don CSgtAerial Gunner754Totten
New, Charles G2LtCo-pilot755Dunlevie
Newbury, Peter C2Lt753Hoey
Newbury, Walter RS/SgtFlight Engineer755Hannaman
Newcomb, Glenn ET/SgtFlight Engineer755Hancock
Newell, Harold LSgtNose Turret Gunner753Schuman
Newell, Jr, Henry L1LtPilot754Newell
Newmark, Bernard J1LtCo-pilot754Schultze
Nichols, Charles ASgtFlight Engineer752Hons
Nicholson, William JT/SgtFlight Engineer752McCartney
Nickolas, Calvin ESgtFlight Engineer752Taylor, O
Nicolai, William E2LtBombardier753Schuman
Niedenthal, Julius MS/SgtAerial Gunner755Ruark
Nielsen, Donald 1LtNavigator753Krueger
Nielson, Robert P1LtBombardier753Eidelsberg
Nieuwsma, Clarence 2Lt755Walker, P
Nirdenthal, Julius MSgtAerial Gunner755
Nissen, Walter L2LtBombardier754Mundowski
Nix, Albert LSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Kingsley
Nixon, Garland GS/SgtRadio Operator753McCarthy
Nixon, Robert O1LtNavigator755Glenn
Nizzola, Charles PS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Hadden
Nobles, William DSgtAerial Gunner755Frederick
Noblett, James RS/SgtAerial Gunner752Josephson
Noblitt, Charles G2LtNavigator754Barton
Nolan, Thomas FT/SgtAmmunition NCO752
Nork, Robert V2LtCo-pilot752Jackson, WE
Norman, Darwin WS/SgtFlight Engineer755Kenyon
Norman, Frank SgtTail Turret Gunner754Brauer
Norris, Ivan K2LtNavigator754Hunt
Northrop, Henry H2LtPilot754Northrop
Northrup, Jr, Stanley O1LtBombardier753Beckstrom
Nosarxewski, Eugene LtBombardier752Martin
Nuber, Robert E.S/SgtTail Turret Gunner752Nedrow
Nutter, Jr, Ralph N1LtPilot754Nutter
Nyman, Richard WCaptPilot752Nyman
Nystrom, Charles ASgtAerial Gunner754Totten
Ground Men:
NameRankMOSJobUnitInfo SourceComments
Nagy, Alex JCpl862/860Radar Mechanic, IFF (LORAN)/Radar Mechanic (GEE)1080SigSO277: 01-Nov-44Reclassified
Nanney, Verel Pfc590/657Duty Soldier III/Medical AidmanHQSO321: 23-Dec-44Reclassified
Nartowicz, John JCpl060Cook60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Nash, Jergen DTec513thSPSO196: 28-Jul-44TD Bury St Edmonds - 3BD Stage Show
Nason, Bennett E1LtIntelligence Officer755FR1476: 01-Apr-45Transferred from 753rd Sqdn - Intelligence Officer
Natalizio, Henry JCpl409Medical Technician755SO255: 04-Oct-44Trsf to HQ Det
Nataro, John LPvt590Duty Soldier III753SO56: 07-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Nau, Eugene JPfc590/677Duty Soldier III/Military Policeman1119MPSO268: 20-Oct-44Reclassified
Naughton, Gerald JCpl852Radar Mechanic, RCM753SO295: 21-Nov-44Assigned from 70th Repl Dep
Nava, Francisco JPfc590Duty Soldier III1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Neal, Alexander JPfc590/677Duty Soldier III/Military Policeman1119MPSO268: 20-Oct-44Reclassified
Neipp, William WPfc037Meat Cutter755SO70: 22-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Nelms, Paul Sgt383Fire Fighter2016FFSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Nelson, Harold SSgt754Radio Mechanic, AAF755SO200: 01-Aug-44Promoted to S/Sgt
Nelson, Harold TSgt752SO24: 27-Jan-45TD to AAF 505 - K8 Gunsight maint (revoked)
Nelson, Harry TCpl752SO11: 12-Jan-45TD to No 10 School Tech Trng
Nelson, John HCpl747Airplane & Engine Mech755SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Nelson, Robert LSgt753SO285: 11-Nov-44TD to Sch No 12 Melksham Wilks
Nelson, Wayne ESgt752SO284: 10-Nov-44TD to RAF Sta West Malling
Nemeth, Paul SCpl752SO82: 03-Apr-45Attached to 469SD
Nestrick, Olen RSgt256/573Welder, Combo/Welder, Aircraft814FR0353: 07-May-45Aircraft welder - constructed 62-ton hydraulic press
Neubacher, Arthur EPfc747Airplane & Engine Mech60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base ASG - Former air crew (Lt Kingsley Crew 42)
Neuhalfen, Arthur WCpl60SCSO291: 17-Nov-44TD from where??
Newberry, Norbert HS/Sgt901Munitions Worker754SO152: 09-Jun-44TD to AAF 5?? Bomb __ Course rptg
Newbold, Jr, Harold RS/Sgt528Aircraft Hydraulic Mech26MTUSO18: 20-Jan-45TD to AAF 143 (amnd SO 19 to AAF 115)
Newcombe, James WS/Sgt888Radio Mechanic752SO84: 01-Apr-44Placed on Flight Status
Newman, Nicholas BCpl070Draftsman60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Nicholson, Francis SS/Sgt858CmlSO94: 15-Apr-45TD to AAF 123 for 2 weeks from ??
Nickles, Howard CCpl752FR0920: 01-May-45Awards - Certificate of Meritorius Achievement - May 1945
Nietzel, William EPfc753IDPF: 01-Apr-44Died of respiratory paralysis
Nitkin, Alexander H1Lt752FR0800: 02-Aug-44Apptd Personal Equip Off
Noble, Richard LSgt1080SigSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Noe, Arthur MS/Sgt60SCSO6: 06-Jan-45Rptd for asmgt to Det 104 131st AACS Sq
Noel, Charles JPvt590Duty Soldier III1119MPSO15: 17-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Noethiger, Thomas F1Lt1034Navigator755FR1340: 22-Apr-44Assigned to Sqdn from HQ Det (completed tour w/another grp)
Nolan, William CCpl858CmlSO94: 15-Apr-45TD to AAF 123 for 2 weeks from ??
Norris, Richard NM/Sgt752FR0830: 01-Nov-44Awards - Bronze Star (Crew Chief)
Norrow, Richard JPfc114Machinist469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Notess, Donald Cpl650Telephone Switchboard Operator377FR0334: 30-May-45Transferred to 392nd BG
Nour, Stefan Pfc860Radar Mechanic (GEE)1080SigSO228: 01-Sep-44TD to AAF102 - Gee-H Equip Course
Novacek, Joe EPfc590/677Duty Soldier III/Military Policeman1119MPSO268: 20-Oct-44Reclassified
Novak, Leonard Sgt753FR10296: 01-May-45Awards - Certificate of Meritorious Achievement
Nowak, Chester AS/sgt858ChemSO145: 02-Jun-44TD to RAF Anti-Gas Sch (Now TD AAF 147)
Nowakowski, John PvtAFNSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Noyd, Werner SCapt377FR0334: 31-May-45Assigned fr 458th BG & placed on DS to AAF118 (392BG)
Numson, William OPfc014Automotive Mech (2nd Echelon)753SO30: 04-Feb-45Reld from Ord Dept & asgnd AC
Nunnary, Ross EPfc677Military Policeman1261MPSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Nutt, Dwight MPfc601AAA Weapons Crewman60SCSO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Nuttall, Wayne ES/Sgt959Airplane Mech Instrument Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Nyblom, Myrl PM/Sgt750Airplane Crew Chief752FR0920: 01-May-45Awards - Certificate of Meritorius Achievement - May 1945
Nystel, Edward OPvt590Duty Soldier III1119MPSO15: 17-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc