458th Bombardment Group (H)

Personnel List – F

Alphabetical Listing of 458th Bomb Group Personnel

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Faggioli, Paul ST/SgtFlight Engineer754Watson
Fahey, James B2LtNavigator752Hons
Fahnestock, Frederick HS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Lamers
Fair, Duane VT/SgtRadio Operator755Hood
Fairfield, Creed RS/SgtTail Turret Gunner752Brown, R.A.
Fairfield, DeWayne CS/Sgt753Hood
Falkenstein, Wayne TS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753LaJeunesse
Fancher, Robert F2Lt754Rupley
Farmer, Fred S1LtBombardier755Gentry
Farnham, Arthur JS/SgtTruck Driver, Light/Aerial Gunner752Perry?
Farrell, Robert F2LtNavigator755Klusmeyer
Fay, Harold D1LtBombardier755Stewart
Fedunak, Peter 1LtNavigator755Eisert
Feist, Robert SS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752
Feldman, Joseph MF/ONavigator753Piskin
Feldman, Milton M2LtNavigator752Haydon
Fell, Basil JSgtAerial Gunner754Helfrecht
Feller, Gaston R1LtBombardier754Dwyre
Fellner, Paul PS/SgtAerial Gunner753Akin
Felthouse, Frank GSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755O'Hara
Feng, Chester S/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Swingle
Ferguson, Richard NS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Mattson/Olney
Ferguson, William SS/SgtFlight Engineer754Goldsmith
Ferguson, Jr, Frank MSgtAerial Gunner753Fleming
Fernandez, Harry RS/SgtAerial Gunner753LaJeunesse
Ferrance, Bernard A1LtPilot752Ferrance
Ferrando, John RS/SgtWaist Gunner755Stoneburner
Ferrell, Charles RS/SgtAerial Gunner754Cook
Ferrell, George AT/SgtFlight Engineer752Cragun
Ferriell, Kendrick E2LtPilot752Ferriell
Ferrier, Americo DSgtAerial Gunner754Henderson
Ferrier, James ET/SgtRO755Boyle
Ferrier, Jerry H1LtBombardier754Williams, E
Ferris, Clarence WT/SgtFlight Engineer753Matze
Fick, Lawrence RCaptNavigator752Koehn
Fiebiger, Raymond CS/SgtAerial Gunner, 2/E754Rogers
Fields, Melvin ECaptCo-pilot753Matze
Fifer, Walter CT/SgtRadio Operator753Clark
Fikes, Elmo RT/SgtRadio Operator753Alvestad
Finlayson, Donald E1LtNavigator754Cook
Finn, Hugh IS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Vermieren
Finn, Robert TSgtFlight Engineer755O'Hara
Finster, William C2Lt752Smith, CL
Fischer, Roy JS/SgtAerial Gunner753Wilburn
Fish, Arthur LS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752O'Regan
Fisher, Carson LS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Watson
Fisher, Virgil L1LtNavigator754Klein
Fitting, Alvin AS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Vermieren
Fittinger, James LS/SgtWaist Gunner753Spaven
Fitts, Paul MSgtAerial Gunner755Allen
Fitzgerald, Edward JS/SgtFlight Engineer752Roubal
Fitzgerald, William M2LtBombardier755Lobo
Fitzgerald, Jr, Clarence FSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753McCoy
Fitzpatrick, James JS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Claggett
Flach, Joseph LS/SgtFlight Engineer754Dwyer
Flateland, Donald JT/SgtRO754Canady
Flaugher, Harold JS/SgtFlight Engineer754Northrop
Fleenor, Joseph MT/SgtRadio Operator753Robeson
Fleming, George WS/SgtAerial Gunner752Jackson, WE
Fleming, Hayes B2LtPilot753Fleming
Fletcher, Robert G1LtPilot754Fletcher
Flood, James ESgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Hartswick
Flores, Carlos RS/SgtAerial Gunner, 2/E754Lockridge
Florey, Percy WS/SgtAerial Gunner752Laird
Flowers, Herbert S/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Weber
Floyd, John B1LtPilot755Floyd
Fogg, Scott S/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Burtis
Foisey, Robert W2Lt755Walker, P
Foley, Carson ET/SgtAerial Gunner752Hayzlett
Foley, John D2Lt754Barnhart
Foley, Jr, David JT/SgtRadio Operator754Stilson
Folk, Leonard 1Lt755Mitchell
Forbes, Henry JSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner755Adamson
Forester, Samuel GS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Minor
Forgione, Richard R2Lt752Allen, R
Forrest, Lawrence PT/SgtFlight Engineer755Wells
Forrest, Jr, Aubrey ES/SgtAerial Gunner752Laird
Fortune, Earl WT/SgtRadio Operator755Stroup
Fose, Robert R2Lt752Smith, WB
Fossa, John PSgtAerial Gunner752McCartney
Foster, Willis AT/SgtFlight Engineer753Alvestad
Found, Howard ES/SgtNose Turret Gunner754Harris
Foutch, Franklin AS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753McCoy
Fowler, Charlie MS/SgtAerial Gunner753Morford
Fox, Jr, William ASgtAerial Gunner754Doyle
Frady, SgtBall Turret Gunner - Move to ETO?754Stilson
Fraley, James ET/SgtRadio Operator754Woodward
France, Cleatus WS/SgtAerial Gunner/Radar Observer, Sea Search752Spratt, Jr
Francis, Jay WSgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner752Martin, W
Francis, Richard D2Lt753Kelly
Franklin, Glenn VS/SgtAerial Gunner754Fletcher
Fraser, Donald A1LtBombardier755Brumby
Frasier, Robert CT/SgtRadio Operator752Grice
Frauman, Burt 1LtNavigator754Williams, E
Fraysier, Henry F1LtNavigator755
Frazer, Jr, Charles SgtWaist Gunner754Duke
Frazier, Charles ASgtWaist Gunner752Morris
Frederick, William R2LtPilot755Frederick
Freeman, Billy LSgtTail Turret Gunner755Adamson
Freeman, Vernon WS/SgtAerial Gunner755Hemrich
Freeman, Walter HS/SgtWaist Gunner752Abramowitz
Freeman, William CT/SgtFlight Engineer753Hartswick
French, Joseph H1LtPilot755French
French, Wayne E1LtCo-pilot752Gulick
French, William LS/SgtGunner752Josephson
Frenz, Jr, Frederick S/SgtFlight Engineer753Krueger
Fretwell, Robert BT/SgtRO752Rew
Freudenberger, Arthur T1LtNavigator755Quirk
Freye, Justin MS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Herdti
Frick, Marlin ESgtAerial Gunner752Hendrickson
Fricks, Terrell SgtAerial Gunner, 2/E755Klusmeyer
Friese, Lester AS/SgtRadio Operator752Evans, R
Friesen, Donald IS/SgtAerial Gunner, 2/E754Ruark
Fringer, Duncan LS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner754Nelson
Frohlich, Sigmund S/SgtRadio Operator752
Frohm, Thursten WS/SgtAirplane Armorer-Gunner753Dyer
Frones, Raymond H2LtBombardier755McArdle
Frost, Austin W1Lt753DeCow
Fryer, James CT/SgtFlight Engineer753Tooman
Fugett, Frank J2LtCo-pilot754Watson
Fuhrman, Frederick JS/SgtRadio Operator754Besten
Fuller, Forrest HSgtAerial Gunner752Smith, WB
Fullerton, John O2LtNavigator754Armour
Fulton, James L1LtNavigator752Rew
Funderburk, Marion ES/SgtFlight Engineer752Giesen
Fuqua, William J2LtCo-pilot754Barton
Furrelle, Frank KF/O752Clutter
Ground Men:
NameRankMOSJobUnitInfo SourceComments
Fagan, Charles KCpl055Clerk, GeneralSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Fagan, William ACpl754SO299: 27-Nov-44TD to AAF 582
Fain, Otheal MPfc120Meat or Dairy InspectorHQSO77: 29-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Fair, Richard LTec5405/275Clerk-Typist/Classification Specialist1080SigSO200: 01-Aug-44Reclassified
Fairbanks, Luther JCol96CBWSO282: 08-Nov-44TD to AAF 586
Falbo, Anthony Cpl747/590Airplane and Engine Mech/Duty Soldier III752SO228: 01-Sep-44Reclassified 747 to 590
Falcone, Joseph JSgt862Radar Mechanic, IFF (LORAN)HQSO46: 22-Feb-45Trsfr to 754th Sqdn
Falconer, Edward RPfc555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Falkonbury, Eugene WTec51080SigSO149: 06-Jun-44Now on SD at AAF 147 placed on TD
Falls, Joshua JPvt590Duty Soldier III753SO12: 13-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Fant, Ernest SS/Sgt750Airplane Crew Chief753SO312: 12-Dec-44Assigned from AAF 147
Faoro, Leo DPfc114Machinist469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Farina, Liberio T/Sgt502Administrative NCO638FR0340: 15-May-45Awards - Meritorius Achievement Award
Farley, Jr, James JSgt060Cook1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Farmer, John MSgt521/050Airman Basic/Carpenter, General469SDSO193: 25-Jul-44Reclassified
Farmer, William OCpl677Military Policeman377FR0333: 25-May-45Assigned from 987 MP Co (Avn) on dy w/MPs
Farnham, George MCpl858CmlSO262: 12-Oct-44TD to AAF 520
Farrell, John HS/Sgt513Airplane Inspector755SO298: 30-Dec-43Airplane Inspector
Farrow, Thomas OCpl555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Fate, Boston JPfc590Duty Soldier III754SO63: 15-Mar-45Assigned
Fawley, Clyde LSgt060Cook755FR1398: 20-Sep-44TD to Lille, France, Return HSF 10/20
Fazio, Frank APfc753SO193: 25-Jul-44TD 231st Sta Hosp - Op Rm Procs
Feathergill, Lynn ATec41080 SigSO71a: 14-Mar-45From AAF 365 - DS to AAF1 46 (J.Nelson)
Federowicz, Edwin PPvt747Airplane & Engine Mech752SO53: 03-Mar-45Promoted to Pfc
Feely, Dan WPvt657Medical Aid Man753SO68: 20-Mar-45Assigned
Feiling, Bruno WLtColGroup Operations OfficerHQSO196: 28-Jul-44Reld member Flying Eval Board
Feinberg, Harry CaptDental Officer60SCSO79: 31-Mar-45TD to AAF 557 render med care rst hm
Feldhammer, Carl Pvt405Clerk-Typist752SO41: 17-Feb-45Reld fr atchd 1119MP - atchd Det A 1261MP
Feldman, Harry Cpl754Radio Mechanic, AAF754SO69: 21-Mar-45Reduced to gr Pvt
Feldman, MajHQGrpRec 06/45: 22-Aug-45New 755th Sqdn CO
Fellows, Raymond JPfc932Special Vehicle Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Femenella, Rocco APvt677Military PolicemanDetASO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Fenton, Melvin 1Lt60SCSO312: 12-Dec-44TD from 1 SAD AAF 595
Ferguson, Albert F1Lt1105QMSO249: 26-Sep-44Aptd Salvage Officer
Fescharek, Frederick HCapt755SO172: 03-Jul-44DS to HQ AAF 147 2BD
Fiala, Charles S/Sgt860Radar Mechanic (GEE)752FR0920: 01-May-45Awards - Certificate of Meritorius Achievement - May 1945
Fiaschetti, Leonard SPfc677Military Policeman1261MPSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Fields, William Pfc345Truck Driver, Light753SO30: 04-Feb-45Reld from Ord Dept & asgnd AC
Filewicz, Paul Sgt753SO43: 19-Feb-45Naturalization reporting witness
Finch, Hubert ACpl264X-Ray Technician60SCSO319: 21-Dec-44Assigned from AAF 147
Finch, Robert BPvt1245QMSO7: 08-Jan-45Prisoner confined in Depot Q-105
Fincham, Perry TPvt590Duty Soldier III753SO37: 13-Feb-45Reld from 1119MP
Fincham, Samie HS/Sgt836Sound Recorder, Field Artillery469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Fink, Jerome DPfc237Teletype Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Finlay, Roy LPfc638Tele Equip Install/Repair Local Battery754SO130: 23-May-45Reduced to gr Pvt - misconduct
Finney, Harry ETec5858CmlSO101: 22-Apr-45TD to AAF572 Vehicle Wthrprf course
Fischer, Anthony Pfc055Clerk, General1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Fischer, Frank HCpl014Automotive Mech (2nd Echelon)755SO56: 07-Mar-45Assigned from 70th RD
Fischer, Joseph M1LtPhoto OfficerHQGrpRec 12/43: 30-Dec-43Key Personnel - Sta & Grp Photo Off
Fishack, PvtGrpRec 03/44: 24-Mar-44From sick in qtrs to duty
Fisher, George J2LtGrpRec 05/44: 08-May-44Assigned to 987th MP Co (Avn)
Fisher, John HPfc469SDSO303: 01-Dec-44DS from AAF 147 APO558
Fiske, Stanley A1Lt755SO189: 21-Jul-44Count Cash on hand for Maj Karst
Fitzgerald, Merle SS/Sgt760DRadio Operator, AACS131AACSSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Fitzpatrick, John F1/Sgt752FR0844: 01-Dec-44First sqdn personnel to get married
Fitzsimmons, Vincent Cpl345Truck Driver, Light60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Flaherty, George BPfc835/521Supply Technician, AAF/Airman Basic753SO169: 30-Jun-44Reclassified
Fleming, Frederick DSgt505Ammunition NCO752SO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Flickinger, Russell GPfc932Special Vehicle Operator754SO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Florentz, Theodore RCapt3162Flight Surgeon752FR0870: 01-Feb-45Flight Surgeon - on TD to 108th GH Month of Eye surgeries
Flowers, Elbert Pfc911Airplane Armorer60SCSO146: 03-Jun-44Transferrd to 755th Sqdn
Floyd, Jr, Olin MPfc237Teletype Operator753SO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Flucht, William HCpl901Munitions Worker752SO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Fluitt, Wilford MCaptCommunications Officer755FR1434: 01-Dec-44Appointed Asst Sta & Grp Comm Officer
Flynn, John JPfc861AESO130: 23-May-45Attached to 814 Air Eng Sqdn
Foltz, Roland WPfc650Telephone Switchboard Operator755SO30: 04-Feb-45Assigned from 70th RD (Formerly of the infantry)
Ford, Hugh VPvt677Military Policeman1119MPSO224: 28-Aug-44Trnsf from 754th
Foreman, Horace GPfc345Truck Driver, Light469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Foreman, Jr, Earl LPvt590Duty Soldier III469SDSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Forestier, Jr, Edward HPfc573Welder, Aircraft753SO68: 20-Mar-45Assigned
Forsyth, Kelsey RPfc256Welder, Combination469SDSO86: 07-Apr-45Assigned
Foshey, Charles EPvt747Airplane & Engine Mech752SO53: 03-Mar-45Promoted to Pfc
Foster, Clarence ACpl685/958Airplane Elec Mec, Specialist/?469SDSO274: 28-Oct-44Reclassified
Foster, Homer LS/Sgt555Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Foster, James ECpl754SO164: 24-Jun-44TD to Derby - Hauling Supplies
Foux, Levy JPfc755SO3: 03-Jan-45TD to Sheffield p/u supplies
Fox, Charles EPvt753SO107: 28-Apr-45Assigned
Foy, Glen CPfc753SO107: 28-Apr-45Assigned
Francis, Charles ECpl755SO243: 19-Sep-44TD to AAF 470
Frank, Albert WCpl805Cryptographic Technician755SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Frankel, Milton BPfc747Airplane & Engine Mech755SO184: 15-Jul-44Assigned
Franklin, Samuel VCapt638FR0327: 27-Apr-45Asst 377th Group Material Officer
Franklin, CplGrpRec 04/44: 20-Apr-44Assigned from 2BD Casual Pool
Franks, MajHQGrpRec 06/45: 22-Aug-45New 752nd Sqdn CO
Frawley, William JM/Sgt502Administrative NCO638FR0340: 15-May-45Awards - Meritorius Achievement Award
Fraza, Donald AS/Sgt951Radio Repairman VHF1080 Sig
Orders are from another unit where these 458th men were currently assigned. Officers - 496th Fighter Training Group; Enlisted 1080 Signal
SO71a: 14-Mar-45From AAF 365 - DS to AAF1 46 (J.Nelson)
Frederick, Jr, Leon HT/Sgt750Crew Chief752FR0902: 25-Apr-45Crew Chief - Msn: 94 / Engr Abt: 10 / High Cons: 35 / Curr Cons: 35
Fredericks, Arthur Cpl752FR0890: 01-Mar-45Left for infantry with Leahy (also in April 45?)
Fredrikson, Milton WT/SgtHQSO212: 15-Aug-44Assigned
Freeborn, Jr, Howard Pfc677Military Policeman1261MPSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Freed , Jr, Lawrence Pvt?47752SO4: 04-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Freeman, Rodney MajOperations Officer - Cmd Pilot752FR0793: 04-Aug-44Sqdn Ops Off TD to States (Soxx 2BD)
Frehse, Alvin H HSgtHQSO314: 15-Dec-44TD from where??
Freiberg, Louis Cpl552Control Tower Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
French, Billy WPvt590Duty Soldier III752SO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
French, Jr, Harry TSgt685Airplane Electrical Mech, Specialist753SO47: 24-Feb-45Promoted to S/Sgt
Friedman, Jacob R1LtSupply Officer753FR1087: 26-Apr-45Relvd from Supply Assignd the 5th Dsergeny(?) Rescue Sqdn AAF 365
Friedrich, Jr, Arthur HCpl901Munitions Worker752SO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Friley, William TPfc590Duty Soldier III469SDSO63: 15-Mar-45Assigned
Fronefield, Louis HTec5114Machinist1686OrdSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Frost, Robert Cpl90?754SO144: 01-Jun-44Promoted Sgt
Frost, Vernon GPvt601/345AAA Weapons Crewman/Truck Driver, Light606SCSO169: 30-Jun-44Reclassified
Frost, Jr, Marion LCpl405Clerk-Typist755SO68: 20-Mar-45Assigned
Fruchtbaum, David Sgt753SO315: 17-Dec-44Assigned from AAF 147
Fry, James EPvt901Munitions Worker755SO3: 03-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Fry, Joseph ET/Sgt1080SigSO297: 24-Nov-44TD to AAF 365
Fryburger, Louis RPvt677Military PolicemanDetASO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Frye, Karl E1Lt26MTUSO324: 27-Dec-44Class A Finance Agent
Fulfer, Charlie TPfc590Duty Soldier III469SDSO63: 15-Mar-45Assigned

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