458th Bombardment Group (H)

Personnel List – A

Alphabetical Listing of 458th Bomb Group Personnel

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Aalen, Milton IS/SgtAerial Gunner755Boyle
Abernathy, Odus RSgtFlight Engineer754Klein
Abramowitz, Abe 2Lt752Evans, R
Abramowitz, Leonard 2LtPilot753Abramowitz
Abshire, Wilbert S/SgtFlight Engineer755Mattson
Acencio, Felix B2LtBombardier752Gulick
Adams, Dewey PSgtBall Turret Gunner752Gorrell
Adams, Frank E1LtNavigator752Moran
Adams, Frank HSgtAerial Gunner755Chimples
Adamson, John D2LtPilot755Adamson
Adkins, David ESgtAirplane Armorer, Gunner752Geiger
Adkins, George F1Lt753Evans, C
Adkins, Jimmie KS/SgtAirplane Armorer, Gunner752Hetzler
Adolfson, Roy FS/SgtAirplane Armorer, Gunner755French
Agliata, Joseph SgtTail Turret Gunner755Stoneburner
Agresta, Michael PT/SgtRadio Operator753Matze
Ahlsen, George W2LtNavigator755Morris
Ahrens, Robert K1LtBombardier754Harris
Aillet, Charles T/SgtRadio Operator753Morford
Akin, Jr, Arthur C2LtPilot753Akin
Albert, Arthur AT/SgtRadio Operator753Tracy
Albert, Donald LSgtAerial Gunner753Mateer
Albrecht, Warren R1LtPilot755Albrecht
Albright, Harry LS/SgtRadar Crewman754Rupley
Aldridge, John WCaptBombardier754Brevakis
Alexander, Constantine PSgtAirplane Armorer, Gunner752Hendrickson
Allen, Cliford BSgtTop Turret Gunner752Cragun
Allen, Donald C2LtBombardier752Lehr
Allen, Everett SSgtTail Turret Gunner754Armour
Allen, Gerald O1LtPilot755Allen
Allen, Glenn C1LtNavigator755Frederick
Allen, Richard T2LtPilot752Allen, R
Allen, Robert F1Lt753Bowers
Allen, Stanley HF/O752Evans, R
Allin, Robert LSgtWaist Gunner753Spaven
Alvarado, Sabino MS/SgtFlight Engineer752Brown, R.A.
Alvestad, Richard O1LtPilot753Alvestad
Amann, Richard M2LtCo-pilot752Sullivan
Ambrose, John WS/SgtAirplane Armorer, Gunner752Simpson
Amlung, Robert FF/ONavigator752Gibson, R.
Amon, Harold E2LtNavigator755Gibson
Anderson, Herman JT/SgtRadio Operator752Craven
Anderson, Lewis L2LtNavigator754Totten
Anderson, Luther WT/SgtRadio Operator753Speer
Anderson, Roy C1LtPilot752Anderson
Anderson, Jr, Frank A2Lt754Thomas, C
Andrew, Jr, Lloyd B1LtPilot753Andrew
Angeline, Charles WS/SgtFlight Engineer755Kenyon
Angeloch, Frederick WS/SgtFlight Engineer754Watson
Anthony, Raphael ES/SgtNose Turret Gunner754Pierce
Appleby, George CS/SgtAerial Gunner753McCarthy
Applegate, Harry LSgtAerial Gunner754Nutter
Appler, Robert HS/SgtFlight Engineer755Hauser
Applewhite, James O1Lt752Walker
Araldo, Alfred 1Lt755
Arias, Henry S/SgtAerial Gunner754Cook
Armbruster, Robert E2Lt754Sherwood
Armour, Charles B2LtPilot754Armour
Armstrong, Alden L2Lt755Chimples
Armstrong, Harold T/SgtFlight Engineer753Alvestad
Armstrong, Joe NSgtAerial Gunner755Chimples
Armstrong, Leonard WS/SgtAirplane Armorer, Gunner753Healy
Arnberger, Leslie P1Lt752Josephson
Arnold, Richard ES/SgtFlight Engineer754Barton
Ash, Merlin TS/SgtFlight Engineer752Koehn
Ash, Raymond S2LtPilot752Ash
Ash, Robert IT/SgtFlight Engineer754Minor
Atkins, Francis R1Lt755Allen
Atkinson, Albert MCplAerial Gunner752Heard
Atkinson, Donald GT/SgtRadio Operator754Brauer
Attenborough, Robert W2Lt752Jackson, WL
Ausman, Homer FF/OCo-pilot754Kingsley
Austenfeld, Eugene J2LtCo-pilot752Hons
Austin, Wayne LSgtAerial Gunner752Brown, C
Austin, Jr, Walter MS/SgtAerial Gunner754Cook
Awers, Stanislaus JT/SgtFlight Engineer754Lamers
Ground Men:
NameRankMOSJobUnitInfo SourceComments
Abbey, Alger OT/Sgt405/502Clerk - Typist/Admin NCO753SO316: 18-Dec-44Reclassified
Abbott, Sheffield ICpl055Clerk General754SO282: 08-Nov-44Reclassified
Abdalah, Ernest GMaj755FR1352: 01-Jun-44Relieved as Sqdn Exec - apptd HQ Det
Abdnour, Ralph JPfc055Clerk, general752SO298: 30-Dec-43Clerk
Abernathy, Zebedee CT/Sgt405/502Clerk - Typist/Admin NCO96CBWSO169: 30-Jun-44Reclassified
Abicht, Wolfram APfc901Munitions Worker1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Abrams, Norman ISgt760Radio Operator, AACS60SCSO234: 08-Sep-44TD from HQ 131st
Abrams, William FT/Sgt631Intelligence NCO753SO211: 14-Aug-44Assigned
Accomasso, Pert S/Sgt686Airplane Instrument Mech60SCSO315: 17-Dec-44TD from where?? & TD to AAF 118
Acklen, Charles JCpl852Radar Mech, RCM753SO311: 11-Dec-44Assigned from 70th Repl Dep
Acree, Benjamin BCapt755FR1303: 01-Oct-43Executive Officer
Adalpo, Loreto SPvt090Cook753SO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Adams, Joseph ASgt239Teletype Mechanic60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Adams, Leo HPvt677Military PolicemanDetASO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Adams, Robert WSgt821/826QM Supply Tech/Supply Tech AAF469SDSO193: 25-Jul-44Reclassified
Adams, Roy FPfc601AAA Weapons Crewman60SCSO41: 17-Feb-45Reld fr atchd 1119MP
Adamson, Francis MSgt965Mechanic, Auto Wheel1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Adcock, Clifford OT/Sgt750Crew Chief755SO200: 01-Aug-44Promoted to M/Sgt
Adkins, Clyde FPvt786Toxic Gas Handler858CmlSO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Affronte, Dorthea J2Lt96CBWSO267: 18-Oct-44TD to AAF 586
Agato, Peter ?Cpl835Supply Clerk469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Aguirre, Fidencio MPfc901Munitions Worker752SO135: 29-May-45Transferred to 377ASG
Aiello, Vincent JPvt345Truck Driver755SO47: 24-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Akery, Nicholas Cpl852Radar Mech, RCM754SO48: 25-Feb-45Assigned from 70th RD
Alaniz, Joseph CPfc194Salvage Technician1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Albanese, Joseph OSgt620Parachute Rigger/Repairman469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Alberalla, Angelo RCpl60SCSO80: 01-Apr-45TD from AAF 104 409 Bomb Sqdn
Albert, Alfred GCapt752SO299: 27-Nov-44Trsfr to HQ Det 458
Alderson, Richard JPvt784SO164: 24-Jun-44TD to Derby - Hauling Supplies
Aldridge, Jerry ACpl754Radio Mechanic, AAF469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Aleshire, Louis FSgt60SCSO72: 24-Mar-45TD from 2 SAD
Alexander, Charlie T/Sgt826Supply Tech, AAF469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Alexander, Ralph GCpl754SO144: 01-Jun-44Promoted Sgt
Alexander, Walter ESgt752FR0844: 01-Dec-44First sqdn personnel to get married
Allen, Gerald Pfc590/677Duty Soldier III/Military Policeman1119MPSO268: 20-Oct-44Reclassified
Allen, Jones Pvt753SO154: 12-Jun-44Confined trsf to Disp Trng Ctr
Allen, Justice Sgt755SO285: 11-Nov-44TD to Glooston Bmbg Rng
Allen, Roland JPvt677Military Policeman1119MPSO27: 01-Feb-45Promoted to Pfc
Allen, Samuel VPfc345Truck Driver754SO184: 15-Jul-44Assigned
Allen, Jr, Arthur LCpl945Photo Lab Technician754SO19: 21-Jan-45Promoted to Sgt
Allison, Charles WSgt747/750Airplane Eng Mech/Crew Chiefn752SO169: 30-Jun-44Reclassified
Allison, Gerald TPfc858ChmSO192: 24-Jul-44DS to Det A 806Chm AAF 113
Allmon, William Sgt754SO164: 24-Jun-44TD to Derby - Hauling Supplies
Amorginos, Mike GPvt901Munitions Worker753SO12: 13-Jan-45Promoted to Pfc
Anderson, John Q1Lt130PostSO228: 01-Sep-44Leave
Andes, Ben HSgt566/677Duty NCO/Military Policeman1119MPSO286: 12-Nov-44Reclassified
Andren, Vernon JCpl932Special Vehicle Operator60SCSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Andrews, Chester ASgt555A/C Sheet Metal Worker70SvGpSO211: 14-Aug-44Attch to 60SC
Andrews, Harold AT/Sgt911Airplane Armorer754SO298: 30-Dec-43Chief Armorer
Angelo, Michael Pfc345Truck Driver1686OrdSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Anno, Jr, Silas HCpl754FR1192: 01-Aug-44Won War Bond
Anselm, William BSgt405Clerk - Typist469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Antanacci, Daniel Sgt861EASO130: 23-May-45Attached to 814 Air Eng Sqdn
Anton, Frank JCapt752SO228: 01-Sep-44Radio Dept
Arce, Arthur D Sgt060Cook754SO137: 31-May-45Assigned from 2AD
Archibald, Kenneth ECpl901Munitions Worker754SO15: 17-Jan-45Promoted to Sgt
Arends, Lawrence ACpl835Supply Clerk1105QMSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Armbrust, Ellsworth WCpl747/677Airplane Eng Mech/Military Policeman755SO297: 24-Nov-44Reclassified
Armentrout, Edsel LPfc677Military Policeman1119MPSO15: 17-Jan-45Promoted to Tec5
Armiento, Bernard ?Tec5055/677Clerk, General/Military Policeman1119MPSO177: 08-Jul-44Reclassified
Armitage, Gordon LPfc931Truck Driver, Heavy60SCSO221: 24-Aug-44Trsfr to HQ
Arnold, Walter ECol96CBWSO118: 10-May-45TD to HQ 8AF (attached)
Arona, Fred LSgt747Airplane & Engine Mech753SO205: 08-Aug-44Reld attachment 60SC
Aronson, Herbert RSgt754SO253: 01-Oct-44TD to RAF Cranwaell
Ashdown, Lawrence RSgt623Finance Clerk - Typist211FinSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Asselin, Joseph APfc522Duty Soldier IDetASO87: 08-Apr-45USSAF MF6158 trsf EM Inf Reinf Trng
Atkins, John RSgt060Cook755SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Atkinson, Harry ESgt747Airplane & Engine Mech469SDSO94: 15-Apr-45Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Atkinson2Lt753FR0968: 18-Feb-44Trsf to IV Bomber Cmd San Francisco, CA
Attalla, Anthony GCpl383Fire Fighter377ASSO96: 17-Apr-45Promoted to Cpl
Aulgur, Charles ASgt238Lineman, Telephone and Telegraph755SO134: 28-May-45Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Austin, James HCpl055Clerk, general60SCSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Austin, Kenneth FSgt755SO69: 21-Mar-45TD to HQ UK Base APO 413
Austin, Roger TCpl747Airplane & Engine Mech753SO310: 10-Dec-44Assigned from AAF 147
Auz, Peter PPfc405Clerk - Typist469SDSO44: 20-Feb-45Trsfr for Inf Reinf Trng 12th RD
Axelrod, Setmour Sgt752SO184: 15-Jul-44TD to AAF 119?
Ayers, Willard ESgt060Cook755FR1477: 01-Apr-45Transferred to 12th RD and Ground Forces

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