Nutter Crew – Assigned 754th Squadron – February 11, 1945

Standing: Ralph Nutter – P, John Caldwell – N, Phil Handmacher – B, Dean Miller – CP, Ted Cushman – NTG, Beverly Beeler – TTG.
Kneeling: James Connelly – E, Ellwood Schmeyer – TG, Augustine Chenery – RO, Harry Applegate – BTG.

(Photo: Jeff Nutter)

Flying at the End of Hostilities

 Rank  Name  Serial #  Pos Date Status  Comments
1Lt Ralph N Nutter, Jr 02057379 Pilot 09-May-45 FEH Mission Load List
2Lt Dean E Miller 01822429 Co-pilot 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List
2Lt John C Caldwell 02072948 Navigator 01-Mar-45 WIA Award - Purple Heart 
F/O Phillip Handmacher   Bombardier Feb-45 UNK Not Assigned w/Crew
S/Sgt Augustine J Chenery 20116200 Radio Operator 01-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List
S/Sgt James F Connelly 19069470 Flight Engineer 01-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List
S/Sgt Harry L Applegate 19066775 Armorer-Gunner  08-May-45 FEH Mission Load List
Sgt Beverly L Beeler 15119007 Armorer-Gunner 15-May-45 FEH Promoted to S/Sgt
S/Sgt Theodore A Cushman, Jr  31428910 Armorer-Gunner 08-May-45 FEH Mission Load List
Sgt Ellwood B Schmeyer 33837308 Armorer-Gunner 15-May-45 FEH Mission Load List

The Nutter crew arrived at Horsham St. Faith in the first half of February 1945  The were assigned to the 754th Squadron.  2Lt Phil Handmacher, bombardier, was not assigned with the crew.

They flew their first mission on March 2nd, the one-year anniversary of the 458th’s first combat mission.  Nutter’s crew was able to get in 19 missions before the Eighth Air Force ceased operational missions on April 25, 1945.  Ten of these missions were flown on “ship # 108”.  This 754th B-24, serial 42-95108 was an old 458th veteran named Envy of ’em All II.  She had arrived at the 458th in April or May 1944 and her first mission with the group was on May 9th to St. Trond.  By the tine the Nutter crew flew her she had racked up over 60 missions.

The Nutter crew flew their 19th and last mission on April 25, 1945 to Bad Reichenhall, Germany.


Date  Target  458th Msn  Pilot Msn  Serial RCL Sqdn A/C Msn  A/C Name  Comments
02-Mar-45 MAGDEBURG 194 1 42-110059 T Z5 66 UNKNOWN 056  
03-Mar-45 NIENBURG 195 2 42-50456 D Z5 39 DOROTHY KAY SPECIAL  
05-Mar-45 HARBURG 197 3 42-51179 P Z5 71 DUSTY'S DOUBLE TROUBLE  
09-Mar-45 OSNABRUCK 200 4 42-51199 A Z5 32 UNKNOWN 023  
10-Mar-45 ARNSBURG 201 5 44-40298 E Z5 40 THE SHACK  
14-Mar-45 HOLZWICKEDE 203 6 42-95108 B Z5 65 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
21-Mar-45 HESEPE 209 7 42-95108 B Z5 69 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
22-Mar-45 KITZINGEN 210 8 42-95108 B Z5 70 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
24-Mar-45 NORDHORN 212 9 42-95108 B Z5 72 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
25-Mar-45 HITZACKER 214 10 42-95108 B Z5 73 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
30-Mar-45 WILHELMSHAVEN 215 11 42-95108 B Z5 74 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
02-Apr-45 TIRSTROP ABN -- 42-95108 B Z5 -- ENVY OF 'EM ALL II ABANDONED 
04-Apr-45 PERLEBERG 217 12 42-51199 A Z5 43 UNKNOWN 023  
05-Apr-45 PLAUEN 218 13 42-110059 T Z5 75 UNKNOWN 056  
11-Apr-45 REGENSBURG 224 14 42-95108 B Z5 80 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
14-Apr-45 POINTE DE GRAVE 225 15 42-100366 H Z5 77 MIZPAH  
15-Apr-45 ROYAN AREA 226 ABT 42-51199 A Z5 -- UNKNOWN 023 ABORT
16-Apr-45 LANDSHUT 227 16 42-95108 B Z5 81 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
18-Apr-45 PASSAU 228 17 42-95108 B Z5 82 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
20-Apr-45 ZWIESEL 229 18 42-95018 J Z5 106 OLD DOC'S YACHT  
25-Apr-45 BAD REICHENHALL  230 19 42-50456 D Z5 59 DOROTHY KAY SPECIAL

B-24H-25-FO 42-95108 Z5 B  Envy of ’em All II

The Nutter Crew flew this 458th Liberator on 9 of their missions over Germany.

(Photo: George Reynolds)

Unknown personnel with Envy of ’em All II at Horsham

Ralph Nutter is pictured standing on the right photo on the right

(Photos: Jeff Nutter)

Ralph N. Nutter

Left: As an Aviation Cadet in 1943 – Right: At Horsham (second from right) 1944

(Photos: Jeff Nutter)

2Lt Dean E. Miller – Co-pilot

Photo: Deb Lavalle

April 25, 1945

Strike photo of the 458th’s last mission of the war  April 25, 1945.  This was the Nutter Crew’s 19th credited mission.

(Photo: Jeff Nutter)