Henderson Crew – Assigned 752nd Squadron – April 18, 1945

Crew Photo Needed

Arrived too late for combat – No Combat Missions

RankNameSerial #Crew PositionDateStatusComments
2LtLee G Henderson0836117Pilot18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
2LtRichard N Harvey0782263Co-pilot18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
F/OCharles F SewellT135959Navigator18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
2LtPahos L Poulos0788082Bombardier18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
SgtKenneth C Cox. Jr39701502Radio Operator18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
SgtJohn R Yetzer33681736Flight Engineer18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
SgtOsmer L Bartholomew36869064Aerial Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
SgtEdward L Cahill13175411Armorer-Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
SgtDonald G Eichhorst36943723Aerial Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD
SgtAmerico D Ferrier11058168Aerial Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned fr 70th RD

Assigned to the 754th Squadron at the end of the air war in Europe, there is virtually no information on the Henderson crew in the 458th records.  Having arrived in the ETO only seven days prior to the Eighth Air Force’s cessation of bombing operations, they are not listed as flying any missions as a crew.  There were a number of men in this same circumstance, ten full crews having arrived at the 458th on April 18th and 20th.  It is not known if the Henderson crew or any of the other late arrivals flew over the Continent at all during their brief tour of duty with the 458th.  On May 15th 1945, all of the enlisted men on the crew were promoted from Corporal to Sergeant. On May 17th the entire crew was transferred to the 755th Squadron.

It is very possible that this crew was assigned to ferry a Liberator back to the United States.  See Ferry Crews.