Heise Crew – Assigned 752nd Squadron – April 18, 1945

Back Row: Hugh Barineau – G (far left), Joe Seidel – N (4th from left)

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(Photo: Joe Seidel)

Arrived too late for combat – No Combat Missions

RankNameSerial #Crew PositionDateStatusComments
2LtJohn I Heise, Jr0836265Pilot18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
2LtHubert J Harmer, Jr0782258Co-pilot18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
2LtJoseph P Seidel, Jr02074938Navigator18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
2LtSoren A Peterson, Jr0788080Bombardier18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
CplCurtis N Cox18216860Radio Operator18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
CplHarold E Weatherby, Jr31093885Flight Engineer18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
CplHugh M Barineau34798144Aerial Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
CplWilliam O Byers33694290Armorer-Gunner29-May-45NCMTD to London
CplGeorge DePhillipps32320215Aerial Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD
CplRady W Essary34924740Aerial Gunner18-Apr-45NCMAssigned from 70th RD

Assigned to the 752nd Squadron at the end of the air war in Europe, there is virtually no information on the Heise crew in the 458th records. Having arrived in the ETO only seven days prior to the Eighth Air Force’s cessation of bombing operations, they are not listed as flying any missions as a crew. There were a number of men in this same circumstance, ten full crews having arrived at the 458th on April 18th and 20th. It is not known if the Heise crew or any of the other late arrivals flew over the Continent at all during their brief tour of duty with the 458th. On May 17, 1945, the Heise crew was transferred to the 755th Squadron. On May 29th William O. Byers was sent to London on Temporary Duty (TD).

This crew was assigned to ferry a Liberator back to the United States in June 1945.

June 1945

Standing, 2nd from right: Joe Seidel – N

If you can identify any of the men in this photo please contact me.