Ferriell Crew – Assigned 752nd Squadron – November 16, 1944

Back Row: Leslie Stuckey – E, Robert Sinsabaugh – NTG, Frank Beck – WG, Harvey Poff – RO, Fred Hopp WG
Front Row: John Holodak – N, Kendrick Ferriell – P, Dario DeJulio – CP, Arthur Sjolund TG

(Photo: Andy Stuckey)

Ferriell Crew – Flying at the End of Hostilities

RankNameSerial #Crew PositionDateStatusComments
2LtKendrick E Ferriell0828682Pilot25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
2LtDario A DeJulio0777617Co-pilot25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
F/OWilliam L KubicT128751Navigator16-Nov-44FEHAssigned
T/SgtHarvey L Poff, Jr33216509Radio Operator25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
T/SgtLeslie Stuckey, Jr35504160Flight Engineer25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
S/SgtFrank W Beck39134615Armorer-Gunner25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
S/SgtFred P Hopp15128382Armorer-Gunner25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
S/SgtArthur C Sjelind3772459Armorer-Gunner25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
S/SgtRobert J Sinsabaugh19206507Armorer-Gunner25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List

2Lt Kendrick Ferriell’s crew joined the 458th in November 1944.  F/O  William Kubic, assigned with the crew as navigator, does not appear in the group or squadron records after November 16th, and it is not known if he flew missions with this crew or not.  After about a three week indoctrination into the European theater, Ferriell’s crew flew their first mission on December 10th.  During the next three months the crew flew missions to Hallendorf, Dortmund, Magdeburg, Stuttgart, and Brunswick to name but a few.

On March 9, 1945, Ferriell and crew flew to Osnabruck, Germany.  Their aircraft that day was an original 752nd Squadron B-24H named Final Approach.  It was the 18th mission for the crew and the 100th mission for the aircraft.  To commemorate this occasion, the crew had their picture taken with the aircraft upon their return.

Their navigator on March 9th was 1Lt John S. Holodak.  Ironically, exactly one month later, Holodak was the navigator once again on Final Approach.  This time he was flying with 2Lt Leonard Abramowitz and a scratch crew.  Just as the bombs were released on the airfield at Lechfeld, Germany, Final Approach sustained a flak hit to the number 2 engine and the plane was forced to leave the formation.  Several parachutes were seen to emerge before the plane exploded at 10,000 feet.  All but one man, nose turret gunner Sgt Allen C. Rupp managed to safely bail out.  Holodak sustained wounds to his lower back and foot, but recovered.

The crew’s final mission on April 25, 1945 was also the Eighth Air Force’s final mission.


DateTarget458th MsnPilot MsnSerialRCLSqdnA/C MsnA/C NameComments
10-Dec-44BINGEN154141-29352K7V60WOLVE'S LAIR
28-Dec-44ST. WENDEL160241-29340N7V56YANKEE BUZZ BOMB
02-Jan-45REMAGEN164342-52457Q7V76FINAL APPROACH
14-Jan-45HALLENDORF170442-95179X7V72HERE I GO AGAIN
28-Jan-45DORTMUND174641-29352K7V67WOLVE'S LAIR
03-Feb-45MAGDEBURG177842-100425O7V50THE BIRD
09-Feb-45MAGDEBURG179941-29352K7V71WOLVE'S LAIR
15-Feb-45MAGDEBURG1821041-29352K7V72WOLVE'S LAIR
21-Feb-45NUREMBERG1851141-29352K7V73WOLVE'S LAIR
23-Feb-45GERA-REICHENBACH1871242-100425O7V57THE BIRD
25-Feb-45SCHWABISCH-HALL1891342-51110M7V77TOP O' THE MARK
28-Feb-45BIELEFELD1921441-29352K7V75WOLVE'S LAIR
02-Mar-45MAGDEBURG1941541-29567G7V12MY BUNNIE / BAMBI
04-Mar-45STUTTGART1961644-10487R7V36Girl on surfboard (no name)
07-Mar-45SOEST1981742-52457Q7V99FINAL APPROACH
09-Mar-45OSNABRUCK2001842-52457Q7V101FINAL APPROACHA/C 100th Mission
17-Mar-45HANNOVER2051941-29352K7V81WOLVE'S LAIR
20-Mar-45HEMINGSTEDT2082041-29352K7V83WOLVE'S LAIR
22-Mar-45KITZINGEN2102142-50502E7V52LARRUPIN' LINDA
24-Mar-45KIRKOFF2132244-50766J7V2YOU'VE HAD IT
25-Mar-45HITZACKER2142344-50766J7V3YOU'VE HAD ITWITH 467BG
31-Mar-45BRUNSWICK2162444-50766J7V4YOU'VE HAD IT
14-Apr-45POINTE DE GRAVE2252544-50766J7V8YOU'VE HAD IT
15-Apr-45ROYAN AREA2262642-51514B7V37BIG CHIEF LIL' BEAVER
18-Apr-45PASSAU2282742-51514B7V39BIG CHIEF LIL' BEAVER
20-Apr-45ZWIESEL2292842-51270A7V43MY BUNNIE II

April 9, 1945

Flown by Lt Leonard Abramowitz on this date, a bomb strike camera caught Final Approach in her last moments.

(Photo: Rob Martyr)

June 1945

B-24M-10-FO 44-50766 7V J You’ve Had It

Standing, 2nd from left: Kendrick Ferriell; 5th from left (w/cigarette): Alton A. Haynie; Far Right: Dario DeJulio


Operations Order Number 6

7 June 1945

Under authority contained in Letter ETOUSA, Subject: “Movement Orders, Shipment 10060”, File No. AG 370.5, OPGC, Dated 27 May 1945, the following A/C and personnel assigned thereto will proceed via Valley A/D by best available air route to Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, Connecticut, thence to Camp Miles Standish, Boston, POE.  Personnel will report to the AAF Base Commander at Bradley Field.  AAF personnel are being returned for the purpose of authorized TD for rest and recuperation and for further assignment.  Personnel listed on this order are on Detached Service and are being accounted for on Morning Report of the Air Echelon of the Squadron to which they are asgd.  TDN 212/50425  FSA 1942-45  60-136  P-431-02.

Shipment No. 10060-TZ  T-M-S: B-24M  A/C Serial No. 44-50766  Crew No. 5 of 18

NameGradeArm/SvcASNCrew Spec/JobMOSHome (v)
Ferriell, Kendrick E1LtAC828682Pilot, B-241092Richmond, IN
DeJulio, Dario A1LtAC777617Pilot, B-241092Los Angeles, CA
Armstrong, Alden L2LtAC215253Navigator1034Connellsville, PA
Kordeck, Walter F2LtAC2015099Bombardier1035Bronx, NY
Stuckey, Jr, LeslieT/SgtAC35504160Flight Engineer748Berne, IN
Poff, Jr, Harvey LT/SgtAC33216509Radio Operator-Gunner757Salem, VA
Sinsabaugh, Robert JS/SgtAC19206507Airplane Armorer-Gunner612Hollywood, CA
Sjolund, Arthur CS/SgtAC37772495Airplane Armorer-Gunner612Duluth, MN
Beck, Frank WS/SgtAC39134615Airplane Armorer-Gunner612San Francisco, CA
Shealy, Malcom HT/SgtAC14181238Airplane Armorer-Gunner611Spartenburg, SC
Dirker, Paul FT/SgtAC16126851Airplane Crew Chief750New Lenox, Il
Knisley, Homer CSgtAC16162413Airplane & Engine Mech747Decatur, IL
Murphy, Eugene FCplAC32723999Radio Mechanic, AAF754Queens Village, NY
Waters, Marvin TSgtAC34366328Radar Mechanic, Bombardment867Horse Cave, KY
Wattlington, William DSgtAC18137731Draftsman70New Orleans, LA
Haynie, Alton ACplAC15331974Photo Technician, Aerial945Paducah, KY
Pristash, JosephPfcAC33495354Clerk, General55Keiser, PA
Laslavic, Louis APfcAC33421901Teletype Mechanic239Pittsburgh, PA
Pusateri, JamesCplAC13131899Airplane & Engine Mech747Pittsburgh, PA
Nelson, Wayne ESgtAC39285809Munitions Worker901Champagne, IL