Daniel Crew – Assigned 753rd Squadron – February 22, 1945

Crew Photo Needed

Flying at the End of Hostilities

RankNameSerial #Crew PositionDateStatusComments
1LtRobert Daniel0831677PilotJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
2LtHenry A Kramer02074462Co-pilotJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
F/OWilliam R BanksT64652NavigatorJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
S/SgtGeorge W Bonderant37356947Radio OperatorJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
T/SgtLouis J Patrizzi19094301Flight EngineerJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
S/SgtHerman Bellerjeau33578020Armorer-GunnerJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
S/SgtJames W Guttery18155974Aerial GunnerJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
S/SgtWilliam R Moore16139689Aerial GunnerJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640
S/SgtRussell S Selberg37573378Aerial GunnerJun-45FEHFerry Crew 640

2Lt Robert Daniel and crew were initially assigned to the 753BS on February 22, 1945.  Four days later, on February 26th, the entire crew were transferred to the 754BS. On the day they were assigned, the 754th lost two crews on the mission to Peine/Hildesheim. This may have been the reason for Daniels’ transfer.  Their first mission was on March 12th to Friedburg, Germany.  They flew a total of seven missions in March, all in different aircraft.

In April the crew completed another seven missions, using six aircraft.  The last of these was on the April 20th attack on the railroad bridge near Zwiesel, Germany.

Two of the crew’s gunners, S/Sgts Herman Bellerjeau and William Moore, flew on the last Eighth Air Force mission of the war on April 25, 1945.  Bellerjeau flew with 2Lt Glenn J. Wallis and crew aboard an aircraft that had been recently transferred form the 453BG, named Linda Lou on their 21st mission; and Moore flew 1Lt Ralph J. Nutter, Jr on Dorothy Kay Special.  It was Nutter’s 19th combat mission.  It is not known whether the men volunteered to fly or were assigned as fill in gunners.

In June 1945 the crew were tasked with the job of flying one of the group’s Liberators back to the States.


DateTarget458th MsnPilot MsnSerialRCLSqdnA/C MsnA/C NameComments
12-Mar-45FRIEDBURG202142-95108BZ564ENVY OF 'EM ALL II
17-Mar-45HANNOVER205242-50578FZ545SKY ROOM
24-Mar-45KIRKOFF213544-40298EZ547THE SHACK
31-Mar-45BRUNSWICK216742-95183UZ595BRINEY MARLIN
07-Apr-45KRUMMEL220942-110059TZ576UNKNOWN 056FLYING w/466TH "C" GRP
14-Apr-45POINTE DE GRAVE2251142-50578FZ555SKY ROOM
18-Apr-45PASSAU2281342-50640OZ546BUGS BUNNY
20-Apr-45ZWIESEL2291442-51196QJ364THE GYPSY QUEEN

June 1945

Daniel crew members, along with ground men preparing to return to the States. Aircraft is B-24J-1-FO 42-50640 Z5 O Bugs Bunny
Sitting, 4th from right: S/Sgt James W. Guttery – G

If you can ID any of the men in this photo, please contact me.

Identified by: Ben Guttery