C. Brown Crew – Assigned 752nd Squadron – February 18, 1945

(L-R): Richard Julian – E, Frank Kaurich – TTG, Charles Jenkins – RO, Unknown, Charles Brown – P,
Unknown, Eugene Harris – CP, James Harper – G, Jim Hastings – BTG, Wayne Austin – TG

(Photo: Dana Brown / ID’s: Conti Roberts)

Flying at the End of Hostilities

RankNameSerial #Crew PositionDateStatusComments
2LtCharles S Brown780460Pilot25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List 
2LtEugene W Harris2062502Co-pilot25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
2LtJohn S Ryan1055436Navigator25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
S/SgtCharles O Jenkins 34779783Radio Operator25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
S/SgtRichard C Julian11057171Flight Engineer25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
CplWayne L Austin34984302Aerial Gunner16-Mar-45FEHPromoted to Sgt
CplJames A Harper181296362Aerial Gunner25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
CplJim M Hastings18086575Airplane Armorer-Gunner25-Apr-45FEHMission Load List
SgtFrank J Kaurich15313650Radar Crewman (Desig Set) 21-Apr-45FEHReclassified MOS-514

2Lt Charles Brown and crew were assigned to the 752nd Squadron on February 18, 1945 and flew their first mission to Zossen, Germany on March 15, 1945, where the target for the day was the “Nazi General Staff Headquarters”. They flew a variety of aircraft – 8 different Liberators in all. The crew was able to put in 12 missions, including the last combat operation flown by the Eighth Air Force in Europe on April 25, 1945. This last mission was flown with S/Sgt John F. Peifer, a 752nd Squadron Gunnery Instructor, in place of Wayne Austin; and Sgt Milton F. Randall as RCM crewman. While Frank Kaurich was reclassified as a Radar Crewman, this rating was dated April 21st, and he may not have been scheduled to fly.


DateTarget458th MsnPilot MsnSerialRCLSqdnA/C MsnA/C NameComments
15-Mar-45ZOSSEN204142-100425O7V66THE BIRD
18-Mar-45BERLIN206241-29352K7V82WOLVE'S LAIR
24-Mar-45KIRKOFF213441-29567G7V19MY BUNNIE / BAMBI
5-Apr-45PLAUEN218742-100425O7V76THE BIRD
6-Apr-45HALLE219842-50502E7V59LARRUPIN' LINDA
16-Apr-45LANDSHUT227942-50502E7V67LARRUPIN' LINDA
18-Apr-45PASSAU2281042-50502E7V68LARRUPIN' LINDA
20-Apr-45ZWIESEL2291142-51514B7V40BIG CHIEF LIL' BEAVER
25-Apr-45BAD REICHENHALL 2301244-40285HJ487TABLE STUFF

Bad Reichenhall, Germany

SAV (Strike Attack Vertical) from April 25, 1945

Bad Reichenhall as it appears today